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May Favorites

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Hey y’all! These are 5 things I’ve been loving for this month and thought you might enjoy.


Ladies, if your cups runeth over like mine and you find yourself in danger of being knocked out while running, have I found a bra for you! I am always on the search for the mythical sports bra that will keep the girls in their seats while running, dancing and jumping all over the place. In the course of 20+ bra wearing years, I have found maybe three that really hold up their end of the deal and was doubtful when purchasing this one but let me tell you! Not only does it do what it says, the first time I wore it I thought I was going to have to call in back up to get it off. It was definitely secure. I also like that it comes with hooks so you don’t have to do the full sweaty struggle to get it off.


This is an oldie but a goodie! I’ve been watching this show on PBS since I was a child. It is one of the many BBC show my grandmother introduced me to and I fell in love. It follows a couple who were in love during the fifties but lost track of each other because of the Korean War. They cross paths again 38 years later and hilarity ensues. It has a wonderful cast of characters and no other than Dame Judy playing the main part! It ran for 9 seasons plus a Reunion Special. (Helpful Hint: If you chose to purchase the DVD format of this show make sure it is either the US format or that you have a region free DVD player.)

Season 1 (Amazon)


I LOVE Etsy for so many reasons. It is legitimately a hodgepodge of anything you could imagine…DIY projects, clothing, antiques, food, beauty items, etc. I use Etsy for two main purposes. First, the personalized gifts, such as mugs, water bottles, koozies and shirts. I love that I can monogram anything and have all the sorority stuff that was unavailable to us in college. Second, I love to find all the weird antiquey things they have. It’s like the most interesting garage sale in the world. For example, I collect royal memorabilia, like cups, plates, mugs and coronation/jubilee things. While you can’t see the items in person they prices sure beat antique stores. For example, I found this lovely medallion from the 1911 Coronation of King George V and Queen Mary to finish out my “recent” (i.e. cheaper) monarchs (Victoria-Elizabeth II).



As someone who gets headaches from most scents, I am always on the search for a perfume that I can wear all the time. Even popular perfumes, like Clinique’s Happy, make me want to vomit. I’ve found that the sweet, deep, candy scents work for me but they tend to fade quite quickly.

By chance, or by beauty sample, I found Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle which smells amazing and has never made me sick even when I already have a headache. According to the description it has notes of Iris, Patchouli and Gourmand. I think the key is the Gourmand because it is listed on several of the fragrance I prefer.

(SEPHORA, $94)


I have a tendency to be a little extra as my students say. I love anything that is shiny and over the top and I’m sure these sunglasses qualify. They have the cute traditional cat eye shape that I love but for some reason the rhinestones make me feel like Audrey Hepburn. They are just fab!

(TORRID, $11.17)

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