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January Favorites

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Hey y’all! These are 4 things I’ve been loving this month and thought you might enjoy.


I now understand why the Brits LOVE them some electric kettles! I’ve had a traditional kettle for years but this has revolutionized my kitchen. I love how quick it heats up and how it doesn’t make my whole kitchen heat up like boiling a pot of water or my other kettle. Plus, it’s PINK!



I adore Larabars because they aren’t starchy which makes me sleepy. They are made with minimal ingredients and are freaking delicious! However, I didn’t know they made mini bars. I’m sure you can find them other places but I got mine at Sam’s Club. They carry a 30 pack of Chocolate Chip Cookie and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip for less than $10 which is a pretty great deal. These are two of my favorite flavors because they taste just like cookies and are only 100 calories. Great to throw in your purse for a quick snack to keep you from hangry shopping for Oreos and Nutella.



I received two Hikari Cream Pigments in my beauty boxes a while back and at first, I was very nervous to use them because they were cream. I felt I was more likely to mess up my face with these than traditional powders but that is not the case. These provide beautiful color pay off and blend out amazingly! They also last forever. I have the sample sizes and use these almost daily but still have at least half left so they are great money value, too! I have the colors Latte (pictured above) and Honey Dew.

(HIKARI, $13)


Like everyone else in January, I’m trying to eat healthy but that can be difficult as a single person. So many things go bad before I can finish them and that is such a waste of my already tiny budget but I have discovered the Sam’s Club veggie tray. I like it because provides me with a variety of veggie options for a snack or salad but I don’t have to buy a ton of different bits of produce that are going to go bad before I can consume them. I love it!


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