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Miss America and Meal Prepping

It's the most wonderful time of the year...well close to it! Sunday night was the Miss America pageant which is one of two times a year I feel justified in wearing a crown around the house while not in costume. (If y'all can think of other reasons please let me know!) In my excitement for crown wearing I made a deal with Meg. I would meal prep with her if she wore a CROWN!!! Success on both fronts!​

As single women it's difficult to make meals that are not boring without spending a million bucks! You are either trying to save money by buying in larger quantities and eating the same thing 12 times a week or eating unique stuff but spending so much! Meal prepping is great because you know you have something waiting and you won't succumb to the devilish fast food but it can get so monotonous. Meg had the great idea of meal prepping together and splitting the food so we could by in a budget friendly way while not having a freezer full of chicken and rice. We made a Spanish style, grilled chicken salad. We used the cilantro and lime pre-marinated chicken from Walmart with a dry ranch packet sprinkled on top and cooked it in the oven. We then added black beans, corn, pico de gallo and cheese on top of the spinach with the chicken. Meg topped hers with sour cream and I did mine with a little cilantro lime dressing. It is SOOOO delicious!

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