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The Best Mascara?

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I am not someone who recommends every beauty product she tries but let me tell you my feelings on Lancome's Monsieur Big mascara. I have not read the ingredients but I'm quite confident that it contains unicorn tears and magic! I have the stubbiest, straight lashes in the world and have spent the better half of the last fifteen years trying every mascara I could afford praying that I would find a magic potion but alas I never did. However, Ullta's birthday sample this year was Monsieur Big and from the first coat I knew I had found the one! From that moment on I had a countdown to the release date and pulled Meg to every beauty and department store until I found it. So If you are looking for a miracle (or as close to it as possible) give Monsieur Big a try. I don't think you'll regret it!

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