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May Bucket List

Pastel Manicure

I know I said this with the lavender manicure but pastels are not great on my skin tone and I promise that the polish I used WAS pastel teal…I just put a bunch of bright teal glitter on top to help a sister out. I think that is still within the rules! However, I can't prove it to you because I accidentally deleted the picture before I posted. Gah!

Cinco de Mayo

At this point basically every week I have Mexican food of some sort, whether it’s Taco Tuesday or not. I love tacos and during this quarantine they have been a bright light for my friends and myself! You can’t be angry eating a taco. I didn’t make the rules…

Honor your Grandmother/Mother’s Day

I have a post coming later on about the things I’ve realized my grandmother taught me but May has been an interesting month concerning her. It was her first birthday in Heaven, our first Mother’s Day without her and a year since she went to be with the Savior. All of those things have allowed for a lot of reflection on the legacy she left behind and wow! If I can only be half the woman she was to me.

My poor mother had a quarantine birthday and now a quarantine Mother’s Day but this time I actually was able to get the gift I wanted. In fact, this is a gift I’ve been trying to secretly arrange over the last two years. I didn’t want Mother to know about it but I desperately needed her help to get it accomplished which is why it has been in my “gift giving” spreadsheet for ages. What is the awesome gift?

A bracelet with my grandmother’s handwriting on it. I knew I could at least get her signature saying “Mother” but I wasn’t sure how to do it. I have literally gone through drawers, cedar chests, old boxes of Christmas cards…you name it! I knew if I asked Mother she could give it to me but she would be curious so when she started going through boxes of old papers, etc. from Grandmother’s house I had my chance. I told her I really wanted Grandmother’s signature or an old card she had written on. The Lord more than provided. I finally got a picture of an old Easter card with the perfect words that could be rearranged to say, “Love you always. Mother”. A perfect and true sentiment. The bracelet turned out amazingly and looks just like her handwriting which was so distinctive regardless of being ambidextrous.

Go for a Bike Ride

As a kid I loved riding my bike…well most of the time. There was that one time when I took down the mailbox and cut my face but for the most part I would ride for hours, jamming out to my Billy Ray Cyrus cassette in my Walkman. I was so cool! However, as an adult, I’m not as great a biking because turning and stopping have become an issue. I’m so scared of falling and breaking something that I psych myself out. I do have a bike that my Daddy got me…it’s pink with a cupcake on the front which should tell you everything you need to know about me. We have a lovely trail to ride bikes, run, etc. but it’s a pain to get the bike there most of the time so I’m going to be honest I just didn’t do this one yet.

Enjoy a Snow Cone

This is another one that since the quarantine I have felt the need to participate in multiple times. I bet I haven’t had a real snow cone in three years but I’ve had several since the beginning of May and man are they good. I wish they would just sell the ice because it is the best! Random but did you ever have one of those hand crank snow cone machines as a kid? The one that was basically a cheese grater for ice? By the time you cranked a cups worth of ice it was already melted but man did I love that thing! I think mine was dinosaur themed?

Clean Out the Fridge

I’m weird about eating stuff that has been in the fridge for a bit even if the expiration date is still good so I do this a lot which is probably wasteful but something about mayo that has been open in the fridge for a while grosses me out!

Watch a Baseball Game

I MISS BASEBALL!!!! Baseball season is my second favorite time of the year next to Christmas and this year I got a few games in before it was over. I didn’t even get good and burnt for my baseball tan and thus I’m wandering around paler than usual. So, in an effort to make myself feel better and to complete this task I watched “The Sandlot”. I don’t care how many times I’ve seen it, that movie is fantastic! I was positive I was going to marry Benny when I was like seven. Tall, dark, handsome, incredible batting average…what wasn’t there to love?

Go to the Movies

Obviously, this isn’t doable in the traditional sense but Meg and I convinced two friends to watch the Harry Potter series so we have been watching one movie a week for a while now. It’s so fun to re-watch this series with people who don’t know what’s going to happen! I love it!

Listen to a Podcast

I’ve been listening to the same podcasts recently but one led me to do something that I will cover in another post in a few weeks. If you’ve never tried podcasts, just give it a shot. They literally have something for everyone and they are perfect for when you are running or washing dishes or taking a shower. Gets your brain thinking and for some reason I don’t tend to mindlessly zone out like I do when watching tv.

Journal Everyday of May

I failed miserably at this one. I’m the world’s worst about forgetting to journal which is crazy because I have literally been journaling for a decade now. My issue is I often think I should only journal the “big” moments when in reality it’s all the moments that are important and truthfully, who knows if those “little” moments won’t end up being “big” moments in the end. I’ve said it before but I love going back a re-reading journal entries from the current date but five or ten years prior. It’s a great way to see how the Lord was directing your steps even when you couldn’t see it. It is also reassuring to see how God is faithful and how the things that worried you so greatly then don’t matter a bit now. Helps with perspective!

Mail a Letter

This one is easy for me! I love old fashion things. MGM musicals, pill box hats, tea cups and stationary. I enjoy writing to people because I think there is something lost in sending a text. Yes, it’s convenient but it’s just not as personal or intimate. So, I write people letters all the time.

Side Note: The last few notes I have sent have been in sympathy or concerning an illness, so very serious topics but the only stamps I had said “CELEBRATE!” which is horrible but my only option due to the quarantine. Typical for me! I couldn’t help but laugh.

Try a New Recipe/Try a New Recipe with Fruit

I haven’t done this one yet because the recipe I want to try is for a special event so technically it will be done in June. My little group of friends has been watching the Harry Potter series over the course of the last few weeks. For each movie I’ve tried to have a themed snack like Chocolate Frogs, Jelly Slugs, Butterbeer, Bertie Bott’s and other not so branded items…dragon egg candy, gummy snakes and more. However, for the final two movies which we will be watching back to back I want to do several “bigger” options and the one recipe I’ve always wanted to try is Pumpkin Pasties. They are mentioned in almost every book and seem to be a favorite on the Hogwart’s Express so that is what I will be attempting for that evening and maybe a few others. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Try a New Food

I love trying new foods so this isn’t truly a challenge but I do tend to eat the same things I like when I go to restaurants in town so I’ve been trying to make a conscientious decision to not always get the same old, same old now that the world is opening back up. I’ve found new delicious tacos and snow cones and burrito bowls. Nothing outside of my comfort zone so to speak but something that I just don’t think to try when out with friends.

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