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Both of Them

Seeing this picture stopped me in my tracks, it literally made me catch my breath and brought tears to my eyes. First of all, both of these girls look hurt, and broken. They are obviously both caught in an eating disorder, one they are most likely mad at themselves about, one they have inner battles with themselves about daily, and one they feel trapped in and broken about, but can’t stop. It is a vicious and helpless cycle. Both of these girls need help, but not all eating disorders are created equal.

Binge eating real. Overeating is real, so is not having control over it at times. Sometimes in our culture, it seems the worst and most offensive thing you can be is fat. People will make fun of you, say ugly things behind your back, look at you like you are disgusting, or think of you as less of a person. In an episode of Designing Women, Suzanne Sugarbaker said it best, she stated that other addictions like ones with alcohol or drugs, people with anorexia or bulimia, people are more willing to help you, but someone who struggles with food addiction and binge eating, they are simply seen as lesser. It is heartbreaking to those who have battled it, and leads to such a cycle of feeling worthless.

As someone who struggled with food addiction, and if I am being 100% honest, still struggles and battles it, what helps them, what helped me, was seeing value. I know Christ loves me, he loved me at my highest weight and he loves me now. But for me, understanding that love, understanding I was created for a purpose, with specific gifts and reasons for being on this earth drove me to do better. I wanted my quality of life to be better, so I could honor him in my day to day. God does not see beauty like the world, he does not place value on our weight, or our face of acne or wrinkles (or both, not cool!), and for that, I am thankful.

I love that the designer of this photograph sees the hurt and pain in both disorders. I think the world needs to see that too.

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