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June Bucket List

Bible Journal

I have recently set myself the task of doing several Bible journalings a week and to only do books that I have not yet completed because I tend to do the “easy” options. I have a dozen drawings in Proverbs and Matthew but nothing for the minor prophets. I’m also still trying to draw directly in my Bible as I mentioned last month. Let me say, I am so thankful for others who have put their ideas out for us because I’m terrible with spacing and proportions and often need guidance.

Make Lemonade/Make Smores

I love lemonade but rarely keep anything other than water in the house but luckily you can make an easy glass of lemonade with just a little lemon juice and sweetener. I also love smores but have not had the opportunity to hang out around a fire in months so I made a small little smore in my toaster. Not quite as fun as late night chatting around the fire but still tasty.

Barbie Pink Manicure/Have a Spa Day/National Pink Day

Finally a manicure I can get behind! I love the color pink. My classroom is pink, my kitchen is pink, my luggage is pink. As a child, I wanted nothing more than to own a Pink Ladies jacket and if I had my way I would own Elle Woods’ wardrobe but since that is not possible I will settle for this!

Father’s Day

I am so thankful to have a wonderful Daddy who has shown me love and encouragement as I’ve grown. The older I get the more my mother says I am like my father which to me is quite funny. I am appreciative that he seems to have unlimited knowledge, skills and humor for which I have benefited my whole life.

Buy Flowers

I’m the world’s worst at buying flowers! Meg has fresh flowers all the time but I simply don’t remember to purchase them and this month is no different. Sorry!

Eat Sushi

I love sushi and I am thankful to have a local grocery that prepares it fresh daily which fills in the gaps of not being able to truly go out to a restaurant.

Add to One of Your Collections/Antique or Thrift Store Find

Isn't she lovely? Also, if you look in the bottom left corner you can see that this was taken in Jackson!

This was a happy find at a local market this month. I had only run in to purchase a few cute masks but when I saw her I knew she would be perfect for my collection of old photographs. I LOVE old pictures because of the beauty and history contained within! I love how you can see the fashion, the personality, the everyday life portrayed by these tiny time capsules.

Read a Library Book

Unfortunately, we can’t get to the Library right now but I have worked to keep reading during this time and when I finish the series I am currently on, I plan on rereading a series that I fell in love with at the library decades ago.

Watch a MGM Musical

Of all the movies from the great age of Hollywood musicals, it is MGM that I love the best. I own dozens of MGM musicals from the 30s, 40s and 50s especially those starring Gene Kelly, Judy Garland, Howard Keel and Cyd Charisse. As a lover of these movies, the documentary “That’s Entertainment” is absolutely fantastic, in fact, there are two sequels. The movies showcase famous numbers, interviews with the Hollywood elite and behind the scenes history. I’ve seen them all a million times but decided that instead of picking one MGM musical to watch I would “watch” them all. MGM really did have “more stars than there are in the heavens”.

Make an Exotic Recipe

I like trying to make interesting and unique recipes from other cultures. I think food is a great way to understand a culture, time period and socio-economic conditions. This is one of the main reasons I do interesting foods for my kiddos when we study the different decades. This month I made one of my favorite recipes, Mujdarra, which is a Lebanese lentil and rice dish. The flavors are delicious and it’s very economical to make. You can find all kinds of variations online with unique family twists. If you enjoy strong flavors, give this a try!

Harry Potter Movie Marathon

How cool is this graphic? All eight movies in one image!

This unintentionally came to pass without having to arrange the challenge. Within my friend group, some have never seen Harry Potter and as some of us are great lovers of the wizarding world, we convinced them to watch all eight movies. We’ve done one a week and will begin the last two very soon. I chose to reread the series in time with us watching the movies and I don’t think I will every grow tired of the stories.

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