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Book Review: Praying with Jane by Rachel Dodge

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I know book reviews were a “last year” thing for the blog but I’ve enjoyed this one so much that I had to let y’all know about it.

A sweet friend gave me this devotional for my birthday and if you like Jane Austen might I suggest giving it a try. It breaks down three of her prayers over the course of a month while adding a bit of her history and stories to the mix. As the daughter of a minister, Jane knew the power of prayer and obviously reflected on it regularly. Even if you don’t love Jane Austen, there is something to glean from her thoughts. I love that over two hundred years later her prayers are still so relevant…proof that human nature doesn’t change all that much. I love Jane’s view of the world and how she struggles with many of the same issues I struggle with in the modern age. She also has a wonderful grasp of people which is probably why her novels have remained classics over the last two centuries.

In each chapter or day, Mrs. Dodge breaks down a section of Jane’s prayers, gives a bit of enlightenment on where Jane was speaking from, provides themed verses, an invitation to prayer and a prayer guide for that section. I personally, have been using this book as my Sunday devotional because my Bible only give one devotional for the weekend. I use my Bible on Saturday and catch up with Jane on Sunday which gives me a great prayer focus for the week.

I think as much as I have enjoyed my time with Jane, it is the reassurance that not much has changed in prayer or failures since the Regency, that I’ve enjoyed the most. Human nature and human failure is the same yesterday, today and forever but luckily so is the Lord. If you are looking for a simple, yet meaningful prayer guide, please give this a whirl!

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