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My Mythicality: Build a Time Capsule

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It’s been a hot minute since I completed one of the mythical challenges from Rhett and Link’s “Book of Mythicality” but when I was looking back over the challenges I have left I knew I had reached my moment to build a time capsule. I love the idea of a time capsule because I love history and I think it is so neat to have something that is a frozen snapshot of a moment in time. What better time period to do a time capsule for than 2020? I pray that in the future so many of the tools and resources that have become a normal part of our daily life will seem odd to new generations. I want them to think it is weird that we stopped hugging and didn’t get to celebrate big events with all of our friends. I want them to see each other smile and feel comfortable going to a fun concert. In short, I want to remind them of all the small things I took for granted prior to March of 2020.

So, what will I include in my 2020 Mythical Quarantine Time Capsule?

Two of my favs!

Every mask I have purchased because each one is representative of who I am as a person. I have the sequin ones and leopard print and the one with the high school mascot. I’ll even include the one I made at the beginning of quarantine when we had our sewing “call to arms” as it were.

Sanitization and stress relief all in one? PERFECT for 2020!!!!

I will also include a bottle of hand sanitizer because this stuff seems like gold. I never thought I could have a very staunch opinion on sanitizer until recently but now I have my favorites and the ones I will not deign myself to use.

I’d like to include the dill pickle cleaner and cloth I was provided to clean my classroom. That’s what my kids call it because there is so much citric acid that it leaves the room smelling like dill pickles. I tried using a plug-in to combat this issue but now my room smells like pickled apples.

I’d have to throw in a few of my Bible journaling pages because I spent so much time reflecting on the Lord’s Word through that process during this time. It became a goal during this time for me to finish at least one page for each book which I did.

I’d add several books, including the whole Harry Potter series and most of Anne of Green Gables because books have been my escape from the strange reality of 2020.

I’d like to also include something Harry Potter related in general, like Bertie Botts, because our little squad now has a tradition of watching various movie series and Harry Potter is the one that started it all. We always try to do themed movie snacks so that would be a perfect representation.

Go Red Rumble!

Add to the capsule my “Love God, Love People, Spread Out” t-shirt and pompoms from being a greeter in the parking lot at church. What a fun and encouraging time in the life of our church and community!

Finally, I’d also include some mementos of all the great times I had with friends and family during the quarantine. I’d include our “picture” of Major McLemore from our local ghost hunt and all the pics from when we did our silly photoshoot. I’d obviously need a menu from the local Mexican restaurant because we ate our body weight in nachos while driving around town. I would need something from “Stars Hollow” and a baseball to represent the gender reveal we did for my newly arrived nephew. My medal from the virtual Wizard Run 5K and maybe a piece of foliage from all those treks along the Trace.

Slytherin House All the Way!!!!!

Those are just a few of the items that I think really signify all that has happened in my world during the last few months and in reality, this blog has become a bit of a time capsule for me over the years. I can now look back and see where the Lord was beginning new seasons and closing out others and to me that is totally awesome! So, as this strange time is still ongoing, I’d like to think that there will be other odd but fun memories to add to my little capsule but we shall see.

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