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5 Reasons I Love Podcasting

When we started discussing a podcast over a year ago it was with the attitude of “that would be fun but we’re totally clueless”. However, as we have held this idea loosely, God has blessed us beyond anything we could have imagined, both personally and online. Here are just a few of the reasons I have grown to love podcasting that I could never have imagined when we started out.

1. Lots and Lots of Laughs

I'm not sure I’ve ever laughed as hard as when we are planning or recording. If it isn’t obvious from the show, our friendship is 100% real and is literally our conversations at the local Mexican restaurant but with a mic. These women bless me more than I deserve and I regularly leave with aching sides and cheeks. If you’d like a glimpse of the antics, please check out our Instagram @heyyall_thepodcast and our video of “the baby food cake”. I was there and it still leaves me in hysterics.

2. Growth and Vulnerability

If you’ve listened to our show for long you’ll know that I don’t always do great with vulnerability which is ironic because I was all gung ho to do a podcast that requires just that. This is one of the many things that proves this idea didn’t come from us. I now see that the Lord laid this on my heart as a ministry to others and myself. We’ve discussed the Lord’s leading in all of our Hey Y’all adventures but for me, personally, this is one of the biggest.

I have grown so much since undertaking this project, directly and indirectly. I’m learning more about myself, my journey and most importantly, my Lord. Being a lifetime learner is very important to me and that includes learning about who I am in Christ and His purpose for my life. I’m not sure where the Lord is leading me in this next season but I’m thankful for the part Hey Y’all has played in the process.

3. God is On the Move

As mentioned above, there are about five billion little things that show what the Lord has done and is doing in this season. We have even started a document called “But God…” to keep up with all the stories that we can’t tell you yet because WOW! We agreed to hold tight to the Father and loosely to our expectations while trying to be brave and obedient. God has shown out more than you can imagine! Half of our group text is “Won’t He do it!” I can’t wait for y’all to hear about these stories but that’ll have to wait for now.

4. Blessings from Others

Our listeners, family and friends have been such an overwhelming blessing! We have received so much encouragement in the form of texts, phone calls, plugs and more. Beyond those obvious boosts to our hearts, the fact that we have people listening to us all over the country is just wild. When we began this we figured our mothers would listen and not many others. We have people listening in states that we’ve never been to and don’t know anyone in which is all from the Lord.

If you have ever reached out or shared our show, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!

5. Creative Outlet

I’ve always had a creative personality. My parents put up with sequins, glitter, sewing machines, art sets, fashion books and visual merchandising displays (True story!) throughout my childhood. I love writing, designing and planning. Heaven knows I can talk the hind leg off a mule so this is just a wonderful way to combine my loves and put it towards something productive. The fact that we seem to be helping people along the way is just a blessing on top!

For me, writing (and talking) is cathartic and I get great joy out of the whole process from start to finish. I find joy in using gifts the Lord has given me, even if just for fun. That “spark of creation” left in our veins.

If you haven’t listened to Hey Y’all: The Podcast yet, you can start on the tab above. Might I suggest season 2, episode 1. You can also follow us @heyyall_thepodcast on Instagram.


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