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5 Things I Love About Me

I hated writing this post. It literally makes my skin crawl and I’m not sure if that is because I’m a southern woman or because I’ve always been averse to compliments, especially from myself. While I don’t think we should have a huge head and flaunt ourselves, I do think that it is healthy to recognize some of the amazing things God has given you that probably benefit His purpose for your life. So, with the concept of gratefulness in mind, here are 5 things I love about myself…

I love my creativity. This is one that I can honestly say without making an ugly face at myself. Not only does creativity make for a fun life experience, it has saved my booty in more than one situation. How else could we costume an entire stage production with $10 worth of curtains from the thrift store?

I love the way my brain processes. I know that’s a strange thing to say but in the last few years I have learned how truly useful its quirky little method is to my life. I can see things in my head like a picture when I’m trying to design or plan something. I can literally “see” the end result and I’m rarely wrong. I can see all the details necessary for an event or project like a spider web of interconnected needs which might explain how my simple party list can be three pages long.

I love my curiosity. “I want to know” might just be my epitaph. Goodness knows, I’ve said it enough. From my childhood habit of climbing the bookcase to get my mother’s fashion design textbooks to pour over endlessly, to my latest “Bailey Tries…” blog post. There are some things that just fascinate me and I want to understand them when I don’t.

I love my sense of style. It can be a bit of an eclectic mix depending on my mood but I can honestly say, I’ve learned to use fashion to my advantage. As Blair so wisely said in Gossip Girl, “... Have you seen my closet? Fashion is art, and culture, and history, and everything I love combined.” For a long time, I let my peers determine what I felt pretty, successful or powerful in but fortunately I have learned what a dynamic resource fashion can be in a plethora of scenarios.

Finally, in the last year I have come to appreciate my eyes… not in a “I think I have beautiful eyes” sort of way but I love them because of what they represent. My eyes are the color of mud. No gold flecks or little highlights to add interest. Just plain old brown and that used to bother me immensely to the point that I wore colored contacts to help add interest to my muddy eyes. However, I now view my eyes as a tangible reflection and link to my grandmother who is no longer with us. I don’t really look anything like her but I’d like to think that my eyes somewhat reflect her beauty and it’s a trait I am now glad to see in the mirror.


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