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Bailey Tries… Chocolate Covered Chickpeas

Do you like chocolate? Are you searching for healthy snack alternatives? Have you ever been slightly curious to what a mouth full of pea gravel would feel like? Have I got a recipe for you! Truthfully, I think something must have gone wrong but we will get there…

You can tell from the clips that I got into the chips early!

I’ve seen versions of this on Pinterest and Instagram for years but didn’t truly consider it until I gave up gluten and with is a whole lot of crunchy snack options. Yes, I know I could do chocolate covered peanuts but this seemed like a healthy alternative. I read multiple recipes and was impressed that they all seemed to contain 3-4 ingredients and not much more. Chickpeas, chocolate, oil and salt. Quick and simple… perfect! But y’all know I had to change it up just a bit. First, I was on the baking aisle looking for dark chocolate chips per the recipe when I came across espresso chips and cinnamon chips. Well, after that I couldn’t settle for something as boring as plain ole chocolate so I decided to give this a go. I also decided to melt my chips in the microwave instead of using a saucepan because it’s quicker. Beyond that, I promise I followed the recipe.

You cook a can of chickpeas on 350 degrees until dry, roasted and crispy. Most recipes said this would take close to an hour with a stir of the peas every 20 minutes or so but they were all clear that the peas had to be crunchy. Once crunchy you simply mix through the chocolate of your choice and dump out on parchment/foil in little clumps much like haystacks. Then stick them in the fridge to set and keep them in a container in the fridge.

Here are my thoughts… Crunchy is good. I like crunchy. This wasn’t crunchy. This was borderline needing dental work. The flavor was fine but the texture felt like you were going to chip a tooth, even at room temperature. I tried to like it because typically textures don’t bother me and it definitely was a “bad texture” but rather a “scary texture”. So, for me, it’s a no. However, those random flavored chips were fantastic! both of them. Like, when the holidays roll around, I may make chocolate chip cookies but use one of those flavors instead. That part was awesome!


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