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Blogmas: Part 2

Favorite Christmas Memories

These two are my earliest Christmas memories…

First, I remember my mother trying to get me in bed and trying to get me to go to sleep. All of the sudden, there were bells outside my bedroom window. I panicked! And promptly went to sleep with no further encouragement needed.

Second, I remember waking up on Christmas morning and being told to look up in the tree. “Santa” had put a HUGE orangutan stuffed animal in the back of the tree. I thought that was so cool!

Favorite Christmas Toy

I have different toys that stand out as amazing during different seasons but one that I loved forever was my pink vanity that I got when I was about four years old. My parents truly understood my heart then and some things never change.

Toy You Always Wanted for Christmas but Never Got

This is still a sore spot even though I understand the reasoning. I always wanted one of the Barbie pink Corvettes that you could ride in. See I was too tall and when I sat in the car my knees came up to my chin but oh, how I dreamed of a pink convertible. My loving parents did get me a go-cart in which I nearly killed my brother so…

Would You Rather: Christmas Edition

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Lights, glitter, plaid wrapping paper, fireplaces, cinnamon, the smell of pine, carols, crisp evenings, traditions

Christmas Pickles

Y'all know me, I can't help but try out things that i'm curious about so when I saw this concept online, I just had to know. I love pickles but not really sweet pickles and this seems like some horrific mix of both. I assumed this was some one-off recipe online but when I searched there were 9 million options. I chose the super easy option over fully pickling because I'd hate to put that much effort into something that may taste terrible.

All I did was combine 1/2 cup of pickle juice with 1/2 cup of water and 1 cup of Red Hots. Boil it up and pour it back over the jar of pickles. I'll say they are nothing if not bright and festive. Flavor wise? They're actually pretty good which shocked me! They are just like a spicy, sweet pickle. It actually reminds me of the pickles you would get at a restaurant we used to have in town called The Spicy Pickle. Worth a try if you're a pickle person.

Favorite Christmas Book

This is easy! “The Story of Santa Claus” by Scribbler Elf. This book was a classic in our family to the point that my brother and I, as grown adults, fought over who would get the book so after much searching I found him a copy a few years back. It is such a beautifully illustrated book that tells the story of Santa through the eyes of one of his most faithful elves. While no longer in print, you can still find editions on eBay and Thrift Books from time to time.

Favorite Christmas Treats

I honestly don't have a favorite treat because I love all things festive flavored. I'd drink Christmas coffee year round if available and the more caramel or spice you add to something the better. I literally can't pick just one.


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