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Book Review: The Power of Being a Woman by Michelle McKinney Hammond

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I love Michelle McKinney Hammond and her way with words! I have been a big fan since I picked up my first book in college, completely confused and captivated by the title, “If Men Are Like Buses, Then How Do I Catch One?” How great is that? She speaks to the heart of women, especially singles, with the truth she is walking through, using humor, personal testimony and a big heaping helping of tough love. At this point, I have a shelf full of her writings and I’m actually going through one of her devotionals this year. There’s just something about her ability to make you feel like you are just sitting and chatting with a friend, rather than reading a self-help book.

So, how does this specific book shake out? Well, the title is captivating because many of us do feel powerless or have believed what society has told us in that the only way we can have power is to fight for it… looking at all the #girlboss posts out there. Michelle argues that Satan has attacked our true power and convinced us that what he’s selling is better. I’ll say in the last few years, I have become increasingly aware of how Satan does this to the women around me and how, personally, I have bought into the lie. In the last year I have come to realize that this “stealing” of power or hiding of our true identities is impacting the world beyond women. Jobs suffer, families suffer, ministries suffer but truthfully, the ones I didn’t realize were so heavily impacted by this loss are the men.

She tackles the hard truths of how we have come to be in such a backwards relationship with ourselves and those around us while making the argument that we have lost a lot in the process of trying to grab what we think isn’t ours to begin with.

“It is time to take an honest look at what being out of order costs us as women. It costs us the covering and protection of confident men. It costs us the security of our homes and the soundness of our children. It costs us the safety of our communities. It costs us our personal peace and fulfillment. It costs us our health.”

That seems like a pretty steep price for a promise that hasn’t paid off as far as I can tell. Actually, by the time you get done reading and recognizing what God ordained as the correct status, relationships and behavior between the sexes, you realize that “equal rights” as the world is selling them is quite a bit of a downgrade.

Now, Michelle doesn’t just focus on the romantic relationships, rather she dives into motherhood, how we treat other women, the way we work in a “man’s world” and more. All of these are areas Satan has attacked, especially with Christian women, because our influence is beyond powerful if we can only recognize it. The areas of turmoil and confusion that I have experienced in the last few years include submission, vulnerability, gentleness, broken female relationships, sensitivity, manipulation and control. When you stop trying to grasp at everything yourself and truly take a look at God’s original design you start to realize that what you need (and want) comes naturally when you do it His way. I’m sure that no one is shocked by the fact that God’s way is best, yet, Satan has twisted our emotions and thoughts in such a way that now we aren’t so sure… Does that sound familiar to you? Makes pointing the finger of blame at Eve a little more difficult, huh?

I think the overarching theme is summed up in this,

“Each of us has been carefully crafted, intricately designed by God, to fulfill what He views as a crucial call in the big picture of this thing we call life… all we have to do is be.”

These themes and concepts have come up repeatedly in my recent readings and I think I am finally seeing the light of the power we possess as women. Now, to have the courage and vulnerability to step into that power. Will you join me?


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