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30 Days of Gratefulness

Gratefulness is so important for a healthy spiritual life because it helps us keep the correct perspective on all the Lord has done for us and also reminds us that we aren't the ones that create the good things in our lives. Typically, I do the whole "30 Days of Gratefulness" list but this year I found these journaling prompts that ask about specific things your grateful for and I found it intriguing.

What memory are you grateful for?

I am so thankful for all my memories with my grandmother but especially the ones from when I would spend the night at her house. Everything seemed like so much fun and a bit of an adventure. We would eat silly stuff, stay up watching British television and tell stories until way past our bedtimes. I treasure those simple moments so much now!

What smell are you grateful for today?

If you know me well you know my house smells like the holidays year round. Even in the midst of July I have a Christmas candle burning. The main reason for this is that I get migraines from certain scents so I am thankful that there are scents I can enjoy in spite of my strange little brain.

What technology are you grateful for?

Technology is great when it works but I swear it drives me insane most of the time, however, I am thankful that smartphones provide me with an instantaneous connection to loved ones and information. What did I do before I could immediately look up what a Hyrax looks like after reading about them in Psalms? (Is this not the sassiest creature you've ever seen?)

What color are you grateful for?

I would be untrue to my nature if I didn’t say pink, however, I know that pink is one of those colors that it is very difficult for me to actually wear which might be for the best or I’d walk around looking like Elle Woods. Still grateful that it exists.

What food are you most grateful for?

You want me to pick just one food?!? There is very little in the terms of food that I don’t appreciate but I am always thankful for tacos.

What sound are you grateful for today?

I’ve said this before but I can’t state enough how much I love music! It can reflect your emotions, raise your spirits, help you worship and set your feet to dancing. I don’t think I could live in a world without music!

What in nature are you grateful for?

Raccoons! I don’t know why raccoons bring me such joy but they do. Seriously, if I had realized that there were so many adorable raccoons on Instagram, I would have started and account ages ago! (This is Piper who paints and does other fun stuff on her Instagram. Doesn't she look proud of her artwork?)

What book are you grateful for?

I am so grateful for Harry Potter because it taught me that you could read for enjoyment. In the first eighteen years of my life I had only read as a way to make good grades and not disappoint my elders. I was shocked to discover that you could enjoy books when you weren’t required to pick them apart. That discovery has given me one of my greatest joys.

What place are you grateful for?

I’m grateful for my home and the safe haven it has been over my entire life. I’ve never NOT been in this house and so many wonderful memories are wrapped in those walls. I learned to cross the street at this residence. I found out I had a baby brother in the kitchen. I had some of my first holiday memories in the living room. My parents met in the yard! There is so many wonderful feelings associated with it beyond being a quiet place to come home to after a long day at work. While, it seems strange that this house won’t always be a place I can run to for rest, I’m so thankful to have these memories.

What taste are you grateful for today?

As a lover of almost every food known to man, this is a difficult question but caramel is a flavor I always love whether it’s just as a candy, baked in a pie or mixed into coffee. There’s a man I know who doesn’t like caramel and let me tell you, I’ve always trusted his judgement without question but now I have to wonder what other mistakes is he making with his life.


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