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November Bucket List

Berry Mani

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Berry is the best fall accent color ever! I love it on my nails and lips because it brightens my coloring personally and it looks good on most colorings, from the ghostly pale of my skin to the most beautiful ebony tone. It’s a way to wear pink without it looking toooooo pink while adding that pop that often gets lost in the deeper tones of autumn.

Put out Harvest Décor

One of my favorite parts about fall and the holidays is that you can decorate your home with a theme and I love a good reason to decorate to a theme. It’s basically like having a themed party at home every night for several months. You have the décor, lights, smells, music…everything for the perfect cozy ambiance of the season. I just adore it!

Thanksgiving/Apple Pie

I love Thanksgiving food because it’s delicious AND because it’s a big part of family tradition. Even when we discuss changing up some parts of our Thanksgiving meal people take those changes very serious and get super offended if favorites are put on the sacrificial block in order to open up space for a new option. I can basically tell you every core dish that has been served at my family’s Thanksgiving since about 1989 and apple pie has definitely been on that list a lot. I adore apple pie because it’s delicious and so traditional.

Christmas Tree

As much as my mother seems shocked by my love of Christmas, I blame her for instilling it in me. My family have always put up the Christmas tree starting the day after Thanksgiving until we have wedged every precious and potentially tacky ornament on the thing and I just love it. We have so many holiday traditions and putting the tree up as early as possible and taking it down as late as possible are definitely some of my favorites. If you’ve been to my parent’s house during the holidays, you know that my mother has the Christmas lights on whenever possible and that is a tradition I have taken to my humble abode.

30 Days of Gratefulness

We can sometimes forget to be grateful when we are busy, overwhelmed or prideful but gratitude should be the nature of our hearts towards God. I’ve done a 30 Days of Gratitude before and it was always a list of 30 things for which I am thankful but this year I found this guide that gave you specific things to be grateful for and that required a bit more thought. You can check out the tag “gratefulness” to find my 2020 list.

Buy a Stranger a Drink/ Write Gratitude Notes/ Thank You Notes

It’s fun to spread little bits of happiness throughout your day and joy has a ripple effect in our world. Your bit of joy may cause someone else to spread joy and so forth.

Christmas Music Playlist

I’d say that I just created this playlist but you would know I was lying. I’ve been listening to Christmas music since September and I periodically listen throughout the year but I have to recommend both of the Hanson Christmas albums for your listening pleasure. They combine old classics with their own recordings and as usual they don’t disappoint. One of my favorites is "Finally It's Christmas" which pretty much sums up my feelings. (Also, if you ever watched their original Christmas special this video gives you all the nostalgic feels possible.)

New Soup

I've said it before but I adore soup and soup weather. I've made several new options from Pinterest this month but the easiest was a potato soup made with frozen hash browns, country gravy mix, chicken stock, chicken and broccoli. Throw it all in a pot and call it done. Super simple.

New Christmas Decor

I'm going to be honest. i haven't gotten any new Christmas decor yet because my Christmas decorating is a bit different this year and I haven't been out and about to come across something fun. I'm definitely on the look out.

Plaid Outfit

I love plaid at Christmas. My usual theme for my Christmas wrapping is various plaid patterns and bright shiny bows. This is my favorite plaid outfit from my favorite holiday event last year, the Hanson Wintery Mix Concert.

Snuggle Under Blankets with a Book

You don’t have to ask me twice when it’s cold. I love to snuggle in the bed with my hot water bottle and a good book. The fact that I am desperately trying to finish the reading challenge I gave myself for this year helps this activity along.

WKRP Thanksgiving Episode

I was named after Miss Bailey Quarters on “WKRP in Cincinnati” and I have always enjoyed the show but this episode is probably my all-time favorite. I laugh every time I think “As God as my witness I thought turkeys could fly.”


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