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September Bucket List

Teal Manicure

Teal is a bold color for nails but it’s one I like to try every once in a while and I think it’s a great one for fall. I know it may seem more like a summer shade but try a deep tone mixed with a little copper or chocolate brown and wow!

Buy a New Fall Lipstick/Pull Out Your Boots and Scarves

Add this to the list of activities that seemed simple before a global pandemic. However, fall beauty and fashion is one of my FAVORITE things ever so I went for it anyway. Berry is my go to lipstick color for the autumn because it just pops with all the great autumnal colors and I already have a favorite but our current mask situation means that you can’t wear just any lipstick so I’m bought several new “long-lasting” options to try. I have to say that the best so far has come from the brand Hola Neon which I received in a beauty box ages ago. I didn't expect much from it but it lasted for hours through church, lunch and a nap with only minor wear on the inner lip. Pretty impressive and well worth the price!

When it comes to the fashion side, who doesn’t love boots and scarves? You can throw them on top of the most humdrum outfit and come out looking like a picture book which is probably another reason I love this season of fashion. Minimal effort with maximum payoff!

Make a Pumpkin Recipe/Make Chili

I LOVE chili and I love trying new variations on old recipes. Soups, stews and chilis are some of those things that it’s hard to mess so you can kind of just dump whatever you have in and add flavor. Several years ago I found that adding pumpkin to soup/chili was a great way to make it thicker and creamier without adding tons of fat or dairy. Simple, cheap and shelf stable. All important factors on my grocery list.

Apple Day (September 25)/Try Mulled Cider/ Bake Fall Themed Food and Candy

I love apples but I’ve never been a big cider person so I decided to try the simplest DIY version of this possible. I also merged several recipes I found online and then cut them down to a more manageable quantity. After all, one person doesn’t need to drink a crockpot full of cider on her own. I’m still not a huge fan which is strange because I love apple juice and I love spiced drinks like Chai so I’m not sure what my problem is with cider but it’s not good.

Fall Candles/Have a Candlelight Bubble Bath

Is there anything better than fall candles?!? The lovely smells that fill my heart with warm fuzzies are exactly what I need in the midst of this craziness. My favorite time of year is from October 1-January 2 because the autumn makes my soul dance so this year I decided to start a little early on the holiday festivities.

Drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte/Go for a Crisp Morning Jog

A PSL is not my go to drink and I’m not sure I’ve had one in years but for the sake of a cliché I gave it another shot. It’s still not my go to drink but it's a lot more "cinnamony" than I remember which is nice. It reminds me of the Cinnamon Delight at the local coffee shop. Also, I’m not sure how “crisp” of a morning is possible in South Mississippi until about January so I saved this until I went to Tennessee last weekend which is technically October but it was definitely crisp and absolutely beautiful.

Make One of Grandmother’s Recipes/Bake Cookies for Someone

I decided to do a twist on one of the easiest recipes I’ve ever made with Grandmother, Cake Box Cookies. You can basically make any cake mix into a delicious cookie by adding 2 eggs and ½ a cup of oil. I’m not sure why it never occurred to me to add mix-ins but it hasn’t until now so that’s what I did. They were fantastic and so “fally”!

Begin Christmas Shopping and Planning

I love spreadsheets and I use them for all kinds of situations. Christmas is no different and I very much rely on my spreadsheet to keep up with my ideas, budget and order status. Anytime I get a brilliant idea for a gift I throw it on the spreadsheet so I don’t forget! That spreadsheet has been in full swing since about July but I didn’t purchase a gift until recently which is actually way behind schedule for me. Corona has messed up my shopping plans!


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