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Bailey Tries... Pore Vacuuming

This is the brand I purchased from Amazon.

I am 100% sure that the beauty industry does not call this process pore vacuuming but rather something more sophisticated like “mechanized extraction” but since you are essentially running a little DustBuster all over your face, we’ll call it vacuuming.

I have wanted one of these little devices for ages because they are equally fascinating and gross. Also, my curiosity got the better of me because I have extremely oily skin so could this really help? The version I use is a random one I found on Amazon for around $30 and it comes with several “heads” that in theory provide a variety of effects. It has five power levels for different needs and one of the heads is even exfoliating. I also really liked that this option is rechargeable so I don’t have to find batteries. Finally, there were some vague claims about helping with aging skin and as I have reached my mid-thirties, that is definitely a concern, though I had little hope.

To give this little contraption the best chance, I decided to use it every night for a month. I would “vacuum” my face and neck effectively and apply my typical eye cream and facial oils as a follow up. So, what are my thoughts?

  1. Even if this thing didn’t produce any results, it feels great on the skin as long as you don’t turn up the power too much. I was in constant fear of giving myself a hickey on the end of my nose and I once had a close call when my lip got taken in but you can easily turn it off and it’s not painful in the least.

  2. The difference between the gunk collected on the first night and the last is amazing! Actually, the difference from just a week’s worth was crazy. I typically wash my face with a strong cleaner, use micellar water and then finish with a super acidic toner before applying my creams and oils but the fact that this was still pulling stuff out was amazing. Also, and this may be TMI, but this thing gets all the “soft” stuff that something like a Biore strip just can’t grab.

  3. I like the erythema (reddening) that occurs as blood is brought to the surface. In theory, this is what supposedly fights aging by restoring your cells and maybe it does on some level but I definitely didn’t see any miraculous results. However, it still gave my skin that refreshed and awake feeling that I have after a good massage.

Overall, it wasn’t absolutely life changing but I did see a visible difference in how oily my skin was while using it. I saw no miraculous skin tightening or fine lines diminishing but I didn’t truthfully expect to have those results. However, I’ll gladly keep it in my skincare line up though I doubt I will use it every day for time sake and the health of my skin.


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