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My Mythicality: Invent Something Ridiculous

As creative and resourceful of a person as I am, being inventive has never been my strong suit. I always hated class projects where we were supposed to invent a product because I could never think of a brand new concept. It is for this reason that I’ve been putting off this tenet of mythicality from Rhett and Link’s “Book of Mythicality” which I have been working to accomplish over the last few years and for which I have a number of posts that you can check out under the tag “mythicality”.

However, the one item I have always desired to create is the one that I think I would use the most and that is a pillow for migraine sufferers. When I am hit with a migraine I have several symptoms/effects which are not an issue or concern in my daily life but become paramount at that moment. I also find that when I have an attack my brain becomes overwhelmed with fog and the most basic cognitive tasks are all but hopeless. Truthfully, climbing in bed is my best and safest option until the sickness has passed but even lying in bed I find that many things are lacking so having a perfect pillow would help. So, what would my perfect pillow include to make it different from your average fluff?

  1. It would be shaped so you can lay face down with a harder structured piece that would push or maybe pinch the bridge of your nose. I find that when my headache gets in my eyes I become more nauseous than usual and for some reason pinching the bridge of my nose/eye sockets helps a bit.

  2. While laying face down you would be raised up with a hole for your nose so you could breath cool, fresh air and not the suffocating, stagnant air that comes from laying face down in a regular pillow.

  3. Speaking of breathing, there would also be a way to insert aromatherapy around the nose hole because smells are my number one trigger. I’ve smelled a candle and immediately gone to throw up because of the instantaneous piercing headache it gave me. Actually, my smell is a warning sign that an attack might be coming on which is quite convenient. For example, if I can smell the water when I brush my teeth in the morning I know to go ahead and take some Excedrin. Weird, I know, but extremely helpful unless someone wearing perfume is within a two mile radius.

  4. It would also have the ability to add a cooling or heating effect to what is around your eyes. Personally, cold is all that would do for me but rumor has it, some people prefer heat.

  5. Finally, it would have some sort of contraption to apply pressure to your temples and potentially have a separate “clip” for your hand to hold the pressure point between your thumb and index finger. Maybe we could also add a little pocket to hold ear plugs and a bottle of Excedrin. (Amazon)

So, I guess what I’m wanting is an amalgamation of a pillow, ice pack, essential oil diffuser, clothes pins and more. Is that a thing? Please let me know if you have ever seen anything like this because it could be a game changer for those of us who lay in bed and pray for relief.


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