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My Saturday Night Beauty Routine

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I’m always amazed when I see these big beauty gurus talking about their night time routines and the complexity involved. Typically, these routines include four thousand steps and require a minimum of two hours to complete. That is simply ridiculous and not possible for the average woman. Let’s be honest, there are days when I can barely drag my feet to the sink to wash with dollar store face cleanser and if I had hours to spare in the evenings I probably wouldn’t use dry shampoo quite as often. Just saying...

I get several beauty boxes a month so my typical nighttime routine includes random brands and products with varying degrees of usefulness though I do enjoy that I get to try a variety. Regardless of what I’m using, my routine is pretty basic...wash my face using whatever facial cleanser I have on hand, use micellar water to remove my eye makeup, apply a toner or astringent for a final clean and smear on a nighttime moisturizer before I fall in the bed. If I’m feeling extra frisky, I’ll apply an eye cream and some sort of lip balm. That’s it with no frills. Get the gunk off my face and try to fight aging with minimal effort.

So, when I’m wanting to really treat myself I do little extras. This typically happens on Saturday nights or before big events. Yes, I am aware that using a single sheet mask the night before a big date isn’t going to make me look like Lauren Bacall but there’s something refreshing about a little pampering. For these relaxing evenings I keep a little basket in my bathroom of accoutrements that I can easily grab. I make sure that my “treatments” are easy to do, can stand alone just in case I’m limited on time and don’t require hours to complete. Here are my favorites….

Facial Sheet Masks

You can pick up sheet masks basically anywhere nowadays and there are so many options that you can’t help but find something you like. I used to keep all kinds of clay and peel off masks but I found that I didn’t gravitate to them because they were often messy or required special prep. That’s all fine and good if you have a specialized need or find that therapeutic but personally I love that I can lay in my bed while completing a beauty treatment and not worry about whether my face is dry or if my goop is going to drop onto the comforter. If you’re looking for a variety starter pack, these were great.

Hand/Feet Masks

Speaking of in bed beauty treatments, might I suggest a hand or foot mask. Like the previously mentioned sheet masks, I like the kind that are self contained and don’t require washing off afterwards. If you really want to zoosh it up try sleeping in moisture socks after a treatment. I’ve used this set many times and find them to be easy and mess free.

Under Eye Patches

In reality, these are probably just a pointless extra on top of using a sheet mask but sometimes tired eyes need a little pampering. If I’m honest, I’ve never used these and thought, “Wow! My dark circles and puffy bags have disappeared.” but they do feel nice and refreshing when I’ve been rubbing on my itchy, overworked eyeballs. I’ve used a variety of brands but this is my most recent purchase which I like as much as the rest and maybe a little bit more because they sparkle.

Self-heating Eye Patches

Speaking of tired eyes, I spend a good part of my day staring at a computer screen and like most Americans, a good amount of time is also spent staring at my phone so it’s not unusual for my eyes to grow tired. Actually, when I have one of those bad headaches behind my eyes, I find these can be of great use. These little disposable eye patches self-heat similar to hand warmers and apply a constant amount of warmth and pressure to your tired peepers. Yes, I know there are reusable eye masks that can be heated up but mine are always in the freezer for my next migraine and I hate trying to figure out the correct way to heat those things without creating hotspots that burn your eyes out.

Bubble Bath/Bath Bombs/Bath Salts

These are pretty self explanatory. Sometimes a long soak in a hot bath can make you reevaluate your problems. Once again, you can get this in a variety of locations but a small word of warning. While cheap bath bombs typically work just like their boutique counterparts, I have had some cheap bath bombs dye me some pretty bizarre colors and while it just took a little exfoliation to correct, that is something to consider.

Whitening Strips

This may be a strange consideration to you and definitely falls under the category of “takes-more-than-one” but you can get strips that give you a little boost to feel your most confident. I even have a “convenience” option for this treatment. The brand Reach creates dissolvable strips that have a minty flavor. They go on like the plastic kind but stay in place better and essentially disappear in about 15 minutes or so. This step may be the Placebo Effect in full force but I still do it.


Finally, I have a variety of beauty tools that can add to any of these treatments. My tools include exfoliators, extractors, jade rollers and more but they give that spa feel at home. Believe it or not, dollar stores and places like Big Lots are great locations to find these tools and other spa paraphernalia for not a lot of bucks.

Overall, I think it’s nice to take a few moments to pamper yourself and enjoy a bit of relaxing in the midst of a chaotic week, month or even year.


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