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Life Lessons: Eve: Part 2

“If I hate sin because of the punishment, I have not repented of my sin, I merely regret that God is just.”

~ C.H. Spurgeon

As we pick back up with Eve’s story, we’re going to see the ripple effect of the conversation with the serpent. Satan will never be content with you just questioning God. No, he wants you to follow through with his chaotic plan. Now, up to this moment we haven’t mentioned Adam and yet he seems to be present the whole time so why doesn’t he speak up and correct Eve when she begins misquoting God or why doesn’t he tell the serpent to back off? We’re never given a reason but Adam and Eve’s reaction in this moment tells me a couple of things.

Firstly, our relationships matter. No one is perfect but we should be surrounding ourselves with people who are going to feed God’s truth into us not those who will help justify the sin or simply stand by. Secondly, We need to make sure that we speak up when we see those we love headed down a slippery slope. Those conversations can be awkward but so can the consequences of sin. Finally, I think the fact that Adam so willingly took the fruit from Eve shows how influential you can be in the life of your spouse. Remember, a husband should have confidence in his wife because she brings him good, not harm with her wisdom and faithfulness. (Proverbs 31) Obviously, being equally yoked is important but when speaking of believers married to unbelievers in 1 Corinthians 7, Paul praises the impact a faithful spouse can have on the outcome of an unbeliever’s life. Don’t take your influence lightly and don’t miss the opportunity to help others see the truth out of complacency or fear.

So, what becomes of poor Eve and Adam after they take the bait? Sadly, their relationship with each other changes because they are suddenly ill at ease in one another’s company. They realize they are naked and feel ashamed which had to be a strange feeling for a couple that had only ever felt perfectly at ease with one another. Now, they wanted to hide themselves because they felt vulnerable. You can also see the mistrust that has been sown when Adam blames God with his sin by saying, “This woman you gave me caused me to sin” (My wording). That’s a very cold way to speak of your wife not to mention the fact that he is now viewing her as a burden not a blessing. Their relationship and ultimately EVERY relationship since has been marred by the effects of this sin. It’s a ripple effect and reflection of two imperfect people trying to do life together but what is even sadder than the loss of intimacy between these lovers is the loss of intimacy with God.

In a moment, they go from walking in the cool of the garden with the Father to fearfully hiding from Him but don’t we do the same? How often do you see a child who has done something wrong hiding under the covers or in the closet? And as a child of God, I do the same. I find when I no longer desire to talk to God or spend time with Him that I most likely have some unresolved sin issue. I want to physically hide from the all-knowing, all seeing God, as if doing so will keep Him from discovering my crimes. Yet, just like a toddler, if I confess my wrong doings to my Father, He forgives me and I feel perfectly comfortable climbing up in His lap again.

So, as imperfect humans, how do we keep from making the same mistake with the pride in our life? I think it requires four intentional actions. First, you need to truly know God. It’s a lot harder for Satan to convince you of a lie about God when you know that lie is outside of His character. If you came and told me my best friend started a heartless rumor about me, I would know that you were lying because that is not in her character even if she hated my guts but if you told me an acquaintance did the same thing, I might question the truth of that statement because I just don’t know them well.

Second, you need to truly know God’s word. Think about Jesus during His temptation. For every, lie that Satan threw out, Christ countered with truth from scripture but He already knew the scripture. He didn’t ask Satan to wait a sec while He ran home for His Bible. Satan attacks us when He knows we are most vulnerable. Most of your temptations aren’t going to come at you during a women’s Bible Study. You’re too protected there. Too safe. No, Satan will wait until He knows you’re weak so make sure you always have a weapon with you even if it’s just in your mind.

Third, don’t get into conversations with Satan. What I mean is don’t entertain his ideas or give him any space in your mind. Just like you are more bold and open with the Lord the more time you spend with Him, the same can be said for Satan. The more time you spend listening to him, or his allies, the more comfortable you get with his presence. Satan is beautiful and comforting and appealing but it’s all a trap. Don’t fall for it!

Finally, surround yourself with faithful counsel. You need to be very intentional about who you let feed into you. You shouldn’t let your walls down around just anyone and you should never believe truths from someone who doesn’t hold to your values. Surround yourself with wise brothers and sisters who will not just speak truth to you but who can hold you accountable in the midst of doing life together. The Christian journey is a relational one that should be full of fellowship because we are always stronger together. Will we be perfect at deflecting Satan’s advances? Of course not but why make it any easier when the consequences are so disastrous? Ask the Father to surround you with godly relationships and wise mentors to help you along your journey. Ask Him to give you discernment in your relationships and to let all He has blessed you with be used for His glory.


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