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Bailey Tries… Vegemite and Marmite

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By now, you know I love the Brits so this taste test should come as no surprise and since I tend to like strong, savory flavors, I thought I may enjoy these hotly debated foods. It seems there is no true middle ground when it comes to Marmite and Vegemite. People either love it fiercely or hate it with a fiery passion. Regardless, I knew I had to try these two very polarizing products. I somewhat assumed they would be similar in flavor, like Coke and Pepsi but like an Australian and British version but man, was I wrong.

I wanted to start simply so I did the quintessential spread on toast with a little butter. I didn’t mind the Vegemite taste, though it did take a second to acclimate my tongue to such a strange flavor but WHAT is with Marmite? Why is it sour? Did I get a bad batch? I really wanted to like it because it came in a cutely branded little pot but HOLY CROW!!! I couldn’t even get the dogs to eat the toast and I’ve seen Bear eat a pinecone. Seriously, I’m not a picky eater but this was borderline in the realm of the bitter, “high” taste of vomit.

So, because this initial test went oh so well, I knew I needed to try these in a recipe. I found the same basic recipe for each product that was basically cheese pinwheels with a smear of each sticky filling. I chose to use pre-made dough because I wasn’t cooking in my own kitchen but I think it got the idea across just as well as the homemade version. I added Vegemite to some and Marmite to the other bit and covered both in a HEFTY dose of cheese because cheese covers a multitude of sins. Then I baked it all until golden and bubbly and if I’m honest, they smelled delicious but…

DANG THAT MARMITE was still able to overpower the cheese which is saying something but the Vegemite was pretty good though I can see how you would think it was disgraceful if you already don’t enjoy strong flavors. I will say, my mother completely disagreed. She thought the Marmite option was delicious and the Vegemite option was disgusting. The Boys (dogs) approved of both. (Does anyone else use their pooches as waking garbage disposals?)

There it is… I’m not sure I’ll ever intentionally purchase these items again but I may try to find other creative uses for at least the Vegemite if I decided to have an “Are You Being Served?” marathon.

Vegemite (Amazon)

Marmite (Amazon)


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