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A Week of Gratefulness: Part 2

What’s a possession that makes your life easier for which you are grateful?

This may seem standard but bear with me. I’m so grateful for my phone but not just because it contains my basic ability to function as an adult at this point but because it gives me endless, instant access to knowledge. It has become a running joke with my friends that I Google anything and everything that I’m curious about. When I read a book and they talk about the house being surrounded by Lombardies, I want to know what a Lombardy looks like. When I’m watching a documentary, they mention that the HMS Victoria is the world’s only vertical shipwreck… well now I gotta see it! When my kiddos ask me off the wall questions like, “Who invented the donut hole?” I want to be able to answer them. I love understanding and knowledge which means that my phone is one of the best resources for my curiosity.

What phone photo are you grateful for and why?

These are my people… celebrating one year with a kiddo that has rocked our world. Nate may look like my sister-in-law but he is my brother made over. A wild child, rough and tumble boy.I love it!

What have you been given that you’re grateful for?

While it’s currently packed away, one of my newest, most prized possessions is my grandmother’s sewing machine. This is the machine that made halloween costumes, altered dance outfits and repaired one very tragic prom dress. I loved to sit on the stool next to her and watch her work because it was absolute magic. I hope to be able to use it one day though I know I will never have her ability. It’s a tangible link to someone I love and miss very much.

What’s something or someone that makes you feel safe?

While I love living alone, I have had stints of living with the parents after tornadoes, while house searching and during the holidays. I’m always amazed at how overwhelmingly “safe” home feels simply because your parents are there. These two also help with my feelings of safety. Ha!

What artist, author or musician are you grateful for?

If you’ve been around C&C for a bit you know I adore Hanson. Their lyrics have always been beautifully constructed and often speak right into my soul and of course, their tunes are so good. The fact that my 11 year-old self wanted to marry Taylor may influence my sentimental love as well.

What do you like about your job?

I am grateful that I walk into my mission field everyday . That makes some days exhausting but I know what I’m doing can have an impact on others. It has grown my faith and trust in the Father’s plan because this surely wasn’t mine! My job has also expanded my view of the world, taught me compassion and brought out abilities that I would have never grown if I wasn’t put in a position where these skills were necessary. If you had told 15 year-old Bailey that she would stand in front of groups of people and talk for a living she would have cried because she barely made it through her Public Speaking class without vomiting. God knows where we need to be as a blessing for others and so we can be blessed as well.

How are you grateful that you are able to help others?

As a people pleasing Enneagram 2, I enjoy helping others, sometimes to my detriment or for selfish reasons but it is something that I try to do regularly because I hate to see people struggle or lose hope because “been there, done that”. However, teaching in a pandemic has made me so incredibly grateful that I have a purpose and career that allows me to at least make a difference for a moment to some of these kiddos because let me tell you… some of these babies are STRUGGLING! Some of these 18 year-old, 250 pound, football playing babies are barely hanging on and they need someone to step in the gap. Teachers can’t do it alone but we will sure as heck try…


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