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Bailey Tries… Hot Dog Surprise... #1

Have you noticed how a majority of 1960s hors d’oeuvres look like cat vomit? They also seem to be made of whatever random ingredients you have in the cabinet. I think what really drew me to this recipe was the fact that it wasn’t just titled “Hot Dog Surprise”. No, this is “Hot Dog Surprise #1” which leads me to believe that there’s at least a #2 and potentially more. Terrifying! While making this, I envisioned a happy little homemaker in her happy little apron pushing her drinks cart stocked with Advocaat and a plethora of beige snacks into the living room for her banker husband and his boss with wife in tow. There is no other scenario in which this food makes sense.

So, to make this delight, you are told to mince the hotdogs to a pate consistency. I found this to be difficult with the hot dog casings so I chopped it fine and then tried to smear it with a fork. I decided to just go with the cat food texture. If this recipe fails, I don’t think it’ll be because the hot dogs weren’t the right consistency.

Next, you mix the cream cheese and cream of celery soup with your hot dogs and stick it in the fridge to firm up for a bit. Once chilled, you’re meant to spread it on those little rye rounds but those seem less available in the modern era so I went with melba toast. In theory, this should make around 36 little treats. I halved the recipe and could have easily made 36 with just that so don’t worry about running low.

The final step is to broil these creations until bubbly and golden. Here’s the thing, they weren’t bad. Actually, if you like hot dogs, these were pretty good, especially in comparison with some of the other historic recipes I’ve tried. (Looking at you, Tuna and Waffles!) Now, my modern, non-thrifty, non-housewife self would do sausage instead of hot dogs and maybe, season it a little better but it truly wasn’t horrific. Unlike many of my curious historic creations, this one isn’t going straight to the boys which is a success in my book.


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