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5 Reasons I Love Spring

Spring is definitely not my favorite season but it does bring some lovely things with it like...


This might be what excites me the most about the coming of Spring. After all, baseball season is my second favorite season behind Christmas. I know it’s silly but man do I love baseball as discussed in my previous post on “The Five Reasons I Love Baseball”. I love the atmosphere, the excitement and the camaraderie. Totally worth sitting in the ever changing Mississippi weather!


I’ve said before that I’m always amazed at how creative the Lord was when He designed the color palette for the world and can you imagine that we can’t see it all?!? I love that in Spring we get bright flowers and blue hued skies. Dazzlingly green grass and the fluffiest white clouds. Every year I think the Lord can’t outdo Himself next time but He seems to each time.


Just like in nature, Spring seems to bring a new birth and refreshment to my soul. Not in the way that fall makes my soul dance but in a way that seems hopeful and excited for the future. I love that in His design of nature, the Lord saw fit to not require nature to be “on” 24/7, 365 because it gives me the consent to have not so vibrant seasons that allow for the refreshing and restoring of my soul.


Y’all know I love my animals and I’m fortunate enough to live in a climate where they don’t completely disappear during winter but they definitely take a bit of a hiatus. Nothing makes me happier than sitting on my parents’ deck and listening to the squirrels squabble and the birds chat while lizards roam about and bunny scamper across the yard. You might even see a raccoon, possum or deer wandering about and it is just lovely!

A Mississippi Spring

This is a very South Mississippi love but in my opinion Spring is the last bearable season until fall in our area. Our typical Spring day is the equivalent of Summer in other parts of the country and I love the ability to breath, not drink, the air. It’s not unusual to have long stretches of the Summer months with 110 degree heat indexes with 100% humidity which makes the most basic of tasks a nightmare so I like to appreciate the “reservedness” of our springs, though every now and then Mississippi gets a wild hair and it does something crazy like snow. It is what it is!

Every season has something wonderful to bring us so I’m thankful that we get to experience the variety of every year. So, is Spring your season and if so, what do you love about it?


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