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Mystery Meals: Reuben Quiche

I like strong flavors and interesting foods so I’m not a huge sandwich fan but if I end up at a deli I’m going to pick a Reuben sandwich every time. It’s salty, tangy and just absolutely delicious so when I pulled this out of my mystery recipe box I knew I had to make it. Making something like a sandwich into a quiche or casserole is such a 1960’s thing to do and I absolutely love it. The only thing that I found initially strange about this recipe is that it makes no mention of Thousand Island dressing which is a staple of this sandwich. All the rest of the ingredients seemed to make sense for what was being made though I realized very quickly that the amounts were a bit off. Luckily, I was limited by choice at the grocery store so I ended up with a deep dish pie crust which proved invaluable.

The proportions of ingredients didn’t seem quite right with more cheese and eggs than meat by a lot so I upped the meat by a little but even the original recipe wouldn’t have fit in a typical pie plate. What I liked about the recipe is that it was all mixed within the pie crust minus the milk and eggs. I hate recipes that require you to dirty half the kitchen in order to make something small. This was easy to throw together and would be a great midweek option that reheats extremely well.

My only complaint is that I think it really needed the addition of the dressing. You had a slight tang from the sauerkraut, though not nearly as much as I expected, but it really could have used a little something else, even as just a dip. I really did like it and would consider making it again except I’m the only person I know that enjoys Reubens. Oh well!


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