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Life Lessons: Esther & Mordecai

(Reading: Esther 6, 7 & 8)

Esther 6 opens with a moment that reminds us how the Father can weave together many small things to create a beautiful conclusion. Do you think Mordecai thought he would be so handsomely rewarded for revealing the assassination plot? Probably not because so much time had passed but here in this small journal entry lay redemption. And do you think that Haman was just hanging in the court by coincidence? Of course not! The Father had a fantastic plan, perfectly orchestrated for Mordecai’s life just as He has one for your life.

Haman’s life had been orchestrated as well but unfortunately, he had a very large part in his own demise. For a bit, it seems his evil schemes have worked and I’m sure he walked around with his chest stuck out. Full of pride at his status, abilities and the “honor” bestowed upon him by the queen. Little did he understand that all his scheming would be his downfall. It’s easy to judge his foolishness but I bet you’ve met a Haman or two. We let pride and Satan convince us that we deserve certain things even if we have to manipulate and scheme to get it. That may work for a bit but the Lord will have the ultimate say just as he did with Haman. Luckily, or providentially, Esther’s banquet plan works which finds Haman facing the same pole he had built for Mordecai’s demise.

Esther’s hope when she came to the Father that first night in prayer was for her people to be saved. Now, her beloved Mordecai has been esteemed, her greatest threat, Haman, has been eradicated, she has been given all of his estate and the king not only stops the edict but gives the Jews the power to protect themselves. This was beyond anything Esther could have imagined but that is exactly what the Lord does when you let Him. I have found that when I let go of my expectations and timeline the Lord is able to work wonders beyond my wildest imaginings BUT it requires patience and faith.

Is it hard for you to let go of your personal desires and give God room to work? If I’m honest, my answer is yes, especially in regards to His timeline. As we wait to see God’s plan revealed, our faith has a chance to grow. It’s not always comfortable or joyful but His plan will always be best and man, can it be awe-inspiring. When Mordecai left the king dressed in royal robes his mind was probably racing while his heart was rejoicing. He brought his simple request before the Lord and stepped back to let the Father move. If only we could do the same.

Today’s Prayer

Father, thank you that You offer hope beyond what I could dream and plans beyond my creation. Help me to find peace in the waiting and faith in the uncertainty. Thank you for the unexpected provisions You have provided and how You have worked mightily in my life. I wait expectantly for Your plans and I praise You for all they will hold.


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