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Life Lessons: Issac is Tested

Reading: Genesis 22

My Bible labels Genesis 22 as “Abraham Tested” which is true but what I’ve always wondered about was Isaac being tested. Yes, Abraham was asked to sacrifice his beloved son but Isaac was there too. Most depictions of this story show Isaac being a young boy but if you look at sources who take into consideration the original word and other background information we see that it’s more likely that Isaac was a teenager at the youngest or even close to 40. While that may seem like a large gap, it is obvious that regardless of age, Isaac had to have some sort of understanding as to what was happening.

Isaac wasn’t this passive, blindly led little boy who ended up in a bad situation. No, he was old enough to understand what was happening which leads me to believe that he trusted his father and his father’s Father. I think if he had fought Abraham, tried to run away or something else along those lines, we would have heard about it.

Isaac faced the unknown just as much as his father and while I’m sure it was terrifying and probably overwhelming until the very end, it was also very revealing of the Father’s character. The Isaac that left that mountain was not the same one that hiked up it and the same can be said of us. God doesn’t promise us comfort or safety. He promises His best for us as part of His overarching plan and that includes tests, valleys and yes, heartbreak. He also promises hope, compassion and love. He is a good Father even when life isn’t.

Today’s Prayer

Thank you Father for all Your faithfulness in my life. I praise You for all the ways You have worked and moved in my life, including those moments that I might not understand right now.


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