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Life Lessons: Noah

Reading: Genesis 6:9-7:12

Floods will come. I’m sorry if this is a shocking revelation to you but it is one hundred percent true. I heard someone recently say that as a Christian you are either headed into a battle, in the midst of a battle or coming out of a battle. Sounds a bit overwhelming to me but at least we’ve been warned by the Father, much like Noah.

The Lord called Noah to build and ark and gave him all kinds of instructions leading up to the flood that was coming. We, too, are called to prepare for life’s floods. We have instructions on how to grow and prepare for spiritual attacks. We shouldn’t be shocked when the horrible days come because the Lord told us they would be there (John 16:33) so wouldn’t it be foolish to waste our seasons of preparation?

If I’m honest, I know there have been times in my life when I have flat out refused to be trained for the battles coming or the next season of my life. I was frustrated about where I was currently standing so I became a bratty child refusing to eat my veggies so I could grow strong or practice my reading so I would be literate. I didn’t want to be prepared for what was next because I hated what was present. Ever been there?

Of course, that is an absolutely ridiculous outlook because the battles will come no matter if I’m prepared or not and perhaps what is holding up that season I so desperately crave is the fact that I’m not ready for it… OUCH! It would be pretty silly for a teen to get angry that their parents haven't purchased them a car when they refuse to take Driver’s Ed or practice in mom’s minivan. Yet, we make similar demands of the Lord in our own ways.

Praise God that through His patience and my own spiritual maturing I have come to understand that He doesn’t waste a season of preparation, even if it doesn’t make sense right now. He knows what lies ahead and what resources we will need so how foolish can we be to refuse the help. Also, remember not everything is about us. So often the Father works things in and through us for the benefit of others so perhaps you are being equipped to be a comrade in arms for the battle ahead.

Don’t drown in the flood waters because you refuse to swim or grab the life ring being offered. The world is harsh enough without choosing our own demise.

Today’s Prayer

Father, I’m sorry that often I let my understanding of the world and my life alter my willingness to participate in Your plans. Please help me to let go of my need to understand and grab tight to the lifesaving purposes You have for me. Thank you for the seasons of preparation.


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