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Life Playlist

Music speaks to my soul in a way that sticks, molds and transports me. I am a "word person" and some of my favorite quotes are really lyrics. Music can move my emotions more than most things and leave me in a thought provoking or whimsical mood.

I was recently talking with someone about how I wish our lives had soundtracks like in musicals. Wouldn't that be helpful and fun? Think about it... Scary music? Danger. Need confidence? Pump up jam. Confessing your feelings? Romantic ballad. I wouldn't mind having the backup dancers either! So, here are a few ditties that would be included in my "life playlist" if my life were suddenly on Broadway.

A Song from Your Early Childhood

I Think I Love You by the Partridge Family

No I wasn't a teenager in the 1970s but my mother was and I have vivid memories of dancing on my toy box to this vinyl while singing every word at the top of my lungs. I was four. Ha!

A Song from Your First Concert

Dead Man’s Curve by Jan and Dean

This concert was on the beach during a very, very early Crusin’ the Coast. I think I was in middle school and then, as now, I had an old soul so listening to a 1960s group perform live was awesome!

One of Your Favorite Songs

Brandy by Looking Glass

I have no explanation as to why I love this song. My parents probably played it but, man, is it a jam.

A Song that Describes Your Ideal Partner

No Place by the Backstreet Boys

“You’ll always be the home I want to come home to…” I think that is what everyone is looking for in some form. We may define “home” in different ways but the idea of finding someone with which you can experience utter comfort and overwhelming adventure is pretty fantastic in my opinion. You know that feeling you get walking in the door after a long day or an exhausting trip? The sigh of relief and ability to just be yourself? I can’t imagine a greater feeling than finding a person that is that kind of resting place for your soul.

A Song You Exercise To

This is Me from The Greatest Showman

Our fitness classes have some jams but there is something about this one that makes you feel like you can overcome anything. Even that next burpee.

A Song that Inspires You

Wait For It from Hamilton

If you’ve been around here much, you know a large part of my testimony revolves around learning to wait patiently and expectantly for the Lord. For so much of my life, I felt I was falling behind or not doing enough in the waiting. These lyrics challenged the way I viewed waiting and made this song an instant favorite.

I am the one thing in life I can control

I am inimitable

I am an original

I'm not falling behind or running late

I'm not standing still

I am lying in wait

A Song that Has Helped You Through a Painful Time in Your Life

Worn by Tenth Avenue North

Sometimes we feel guilty for being weary in this life but God tells us we can cry out to Him in those moments of utter exhaustion. This song is that cry and knowing how loved it is, reminds me that I’m not the only one who is weary and worn.

A Song that Make You Want to Dance

Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon

Not only is the beat absolutely contagious, it literally talks about dancing. So. Much. Fun.

A Song that Makes You Emotional or Sad

Legally Blonde from Legally Blonde

This moment in the show is heartbreaking! Yes, Elle’s part is sad but for me it is Emmett that is absolutely heart-rending! Gets me every time!

A Song with Exceptional Lyrics

Faithful One by Selah

I’ve always loved Selah but this song just pops into my head all the time. Recognizing how in need of a Savior we are and letting go of the need to struggle and strive for what we can never achieve on our own… that is this song to me.

I find no hope within to call my own

For I am frail of heart, my strength is gone

But deep within my soul is rising up a song

Here in the comfort of the faithful one

I walk a narrow road through valleys deep

In search of higher ground, on mountains steep

And though with feet unsure, I still keep pressing on.

For I am guided by the faithful one.

Faithful, faithful to the end,

My true and precious friend,

You have been faithful,

Faithful, so faithful to me

I see your wounded hands, I touch your side

With thorns upon your brow you bled and died

But there's an empty tomb, a love for all who come

And give their hearts to you, the faithful one.

Faithful, faithful to the end,

My true and precious friend,

You have been faithful,

Faithful, so faithful to me

And when the day is dawned and when the race is run

I will bow down before God's only Son

And I will lift my hands in praise for all you've done

And I will worship you, my faithful one.

Your Favorite Duet

We’ve Got Tonight by Kenny Rogers and Sheena Easton

This is one of those songs I should probably not have been singing at the top of my lungs as a child (along with the Grease Soundtrack) but what a jam to sing along to in the car.

A Song You Listen to When Feeling Rebellious

Defying Gravity from Wicked

I think Elphaba is the epitome of rebellious by the time she hits that note. Yes, girl, Defy gravity and I might just join you.

A Song that Cheers You Up

Give a Little by Hanson

I also considered this song for the song that always makes you dance. It is just so upbeat and spunky. You can’t help but smile and shimmy to the rhythm.

The Last Song You Listened To

Wait for You by Elliott Yamin

I’m going to be honest. I forgot about this song until it popped up on my Backstreet Boys Pandora station and I truthfully don’t remember Mr. Yamin or the fact that he was on American Idol but this song hit something in my memories and I could sing the chorus almost immediately. Funny how the brain works.

A Good Song for a Wedding

Trumpet Voluntary (The Prince of Denmark’s March) by Jeremiah Clarke

Blame my mother and Princess Diana for this choice.

A Guilty Pleasure Song

Wannabe by the Spice Girls

I know it’s weird, aggravating and very 90s but I can’t help but sing along.

A Song You Have Heard Live

I Want You to Want Me by Cheap Trick

Had the privilege of attending their concert not too long ago with my family and let me tell you... They still got it!

A Song You Like that is Outside of Your Choice Genre

Enter Sandman by Metallica

This was on so many of my mixed CDs in high school and I don’t know why. Metallica isn’t my go to listening choice but I have always loved this song.

A Song You can Play On An Instrument

Ode to Joy by Beethoven (Piano)

The B-Flat Scale (Flute)

In theory, I should be able to play almost anything on the flute but boy was I terrible at it. I know the B-Flat scale isn’t a song but it’s the only thing I can confidently say will come back with muscle memory. I’m sure I could figure out a beginners level “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” but that’s about it. My piano playing is worse and limited to the use of one hand but it does sound vaguely like Ode to Joy.

A Song that You Sing Along to Whenever You Hear It

Basically anything by Journey

How can you not love Steve Perry’s voice? Their greatest hits album was a staple in my car during high school and college. Again, I blame my mother.

A Song You Want Played at Your Funeral

All More Tears by Selah

The opening lines of this song are testimony enough for a funeral…

When I die don't cry for me

In my father's arms I'll be

The wounds this world left on my soul Will all be healed and I'll be whole

Everything that follows is the hope we have as Christians. I just love it!

A Song that You Would Put on a Playlist for Someone Special

Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars

Much like our natural reaction in how we love someone is based on our own Love Language, I think the words and songs we share with others are parts of us that are easier to be vulnerable with. In a world where we are told so often that we aren’t enough or we need to fix this or be that, the idea that you are loved and special just the way you are is pretty fantastic. You may not be everyone’s cup of tea but you might be the right person’s mug of coffee…

A Song You Dislike

I’m so Blessed by Cain

I know people will hate me for saying this but I have my reason. I heard this song when it was originally released on KLove and within the first three measures I had images of a 90s coffee commercial floating through my head. It sounds like a cheesy 90s advertisement and I can’t unhear it. The words are fantastic and I always feel guilty for hating on Christian music because the message is so powerful but it sounds like Folgers to me and I absolutely can't stand it. (It also gets stuck in my head on a regular basis.)

A Song from a Movie Soundtrack

Harry in Winter from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

It’s absolutely beautiful and literally sounds like winter described through a melody.

A Song that Captures Your Current Life

Happy by Ayiesha Woods

This is from the underrated movie “My Life in Ruins” and is such a lovely tune. What I didn’t realize until I just looked up who sang it, is that it’s a Christian song. I always associated it with finding “the one” because that’s the context in the movie but it’s about God which reaffirms my college pastor’s belief that any love song can be religious if you replace “baby” with “Lord” and he hasn’t been wrong yet.

A Song that Reminds You of an Event

Honey in the Rock by Brooke Ligertwood

Meg's 40th birthday was the theme of all themes.... IYKYK. If you don't, then check out the Hey Y'all: The Podcast Instagram for all the themed goodness and even wackier times.

A Current Song You Like

You Will Be Found by Natalie Grant and Cory Asbury

This is hard because I don’t listen to the Billboard hits and only listen to KLove as a radio station so I’m just not up to date with much but “You Will Be Found” by Natalie Grant and Cory Asbury is great. I’ve actually loved this song since I heard it on my Broadway playlist and truthfully, I prefer the mash up of it and “Tonight” from Hamilton. I like taking it from just a friend recognizing your needs to a Savior reminding you that you are seen. Just beautiful!

A Song You Loved as a Teenager

This Time Around by Hanson

This was Hanson’s first release after their first album. They were “older” and in my teenage mind, very pensive. This is still one of my favorite albums from them and has such great memories attached.

A Song with Great Music but Bad Lyrics

Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad by Meatloaf

I think we can all agree that love is not a percentage question. Two out of three IS definitely bad when all parts are not equal. This is one of those songs I've loved since I was a kid but listening to it as an adult made me realize Meatloaf was probably getting his car keyed by some angry lady after the concert.

A Song Someone Has Serenaded You With

Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles

I’ve had some odd relationship experiences and dates but the night in high school that a boy serenaded me with this Beatles classic was without a doubt in my top three strangest moments. The Beatles album “1” had recently been released and I guess he knew I would appreciate the band but I don’t think he’d ever actually listened to the lyrics. A song about death and a funeral aren’t my typical go to in wooing someone but what do I know?

What would your life playlist include? Does music move and mold you?


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