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Must Haves: A Relaxing Night In

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Y’all know I love a good spa night! My sorority probably got sick and tired of us having spa themed parties and events but they always humored me and my love for the relaxing has not changed. While I don’t do these as often as I used to do because my bedtime is getting earlier and earlier, I do throw one in every now and again when I’ve had a particularly tough day or want to feel special. Nothing in my list is revolutionary but they are all fun so here we go…

Face Masks

My face mask use takes two forms. Sheet masks for when I want to relax and feel like I’m doing something without much effort and clay masks for when I want to get rid of skin gunk but also don’t mind the clean up. You can find sheet masks just about anywhere these days but I always wander through the beauty aisle at places like TJMaxx and Tuesday Morning for a cheap, sometimes interesting option. Not sure they do anything but they’re fun.

Bubble Bath or Bath Salts

I know I’ve gotten old when this comes with the caveat of only using them when I know I’m about to clean my tub. They’re a good Friday night activity NOT a middle of the week, you’re tubs going to be left gunky and slippery option. Honest question here… we all know you are supposed to soak in epsom salts when you have tired achy muscles and as someone who works out regularly and has a disorder that makes her muscles tired I do this often… Does it do anything for y’all because it smells nice but I’m at a loss for the physical effects?

Heating Eye Mask

Ok, so hear me out. I bought the disposable options on a fluke at TJMaxx once because it seemed interesting and thanks to my thyroid my eyes feel like the Sahara 99% of the time. I figured the ambient moisture could help a girl out and oh my word! They were so relaxing to the point that I got this little beauty for Christmas. Not only does it heat up but it also massages your eyes/temples while playing music (and giving you some very robotic instructions). For the few minutes I’m using it, I forget that my eyes are parched. (Disposable option)

Hand and Foot Masks

Now, I’m not brave enough to try one of those foot peeling masks yet. Not because they gross me out but because I don’t want to walk around looking like I have a flesh eating disease for a week but these hand and foot masks are pretty, dang moisturizing. I always buff before using them but they really are great. Also, if you put on socks afterwards and go to bed, you wake up with soft little tootsies. (You can also find them at places like Big Lots.)

Pore Vacuum

Y’all probably heard me talk about this contraption before because I did a month's worth of it for one of my “Bailey Tries…” experiments but if you haven’t seen this before, it’s exactly what it sounds like… a vacuum for your face and I love it. Now, clearly, you probably shouldn’t use it everyday for a month but every once in a while when your pores feel congested, yes! It’s gross and fascinating at the same time. The one I purchased is no longer available but this looks identical.

A Book or Documentary

Maybe you can relax in silence. I’m not a meditative type of person. I don’t mind silence as long as my mind can be doing something else like reading or writing but my real joy comes in documentaries during my spa night like the fabulous nerd that I am! Y’all know I’m a sucker for British documentaries and recently my fav has been Time Team. It combines storytelling with archeology, plus it’s presented by Tony Robinson whose work I enjoy. You can find it on YouTube and British streaming services.

Cozy Stuff

What makes you feel cozy? For me a fluffy pair of socks and my pink hoodie/blanket thing is a must. Once again, that dang thyroid makes me cold all the time so having something to snuggle down into is great. The fact that it has a pocket for snacks is a bonus. I love to have tea or coffee as well because it just seems posh enough to fit the theme.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to run my bubble bath!


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