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Must Haves: Quiet Time

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One of my favorite things to do in the new year is start a new devotional during my quiet time and while I was deciding what book I’d do this year, I realized that I have quite a set routine and lots of paraphernalia for my personal quiet time. Here’s what I can’t start my morning without…

My well-worn, marked-up Bible

I’m a Bible writer as you’ll see with some of the items on this list. I don’t like using electronic devices for my Bible reading or any reading at all. I like that my Bible starts each book with a brief overview, timeframe, audience and other relevant information to understanding the test. It also has devotionals and biographies of famous Biblical women. Mine is the Zondervan Women's Devotional Bible (2012) which can be found in a variety of options online and at book stores.


I like to do a new devotion every time I finish the current one. My mother likes to go through a cycle of well-loved options. As long as the Lord is speaking to you and you are listening, it works. This year I have selected Angela Thomas Pharr's "Choosing Joy". I'm excited for all it has in store for me!

Choosing Joy: (Amazon)

Prayer Journal

I started prayer journaling about four or five years ago and I can’t imagine not doing it now. It has grown my faith because thinking about something and having to put it down in pen on paper is very different and challenges your boldness. It also requires you to be specific and direct. My journal also creates a history of God’s faithfulness at my fingertips. I also like to find a prayer focus for each month. People, circumstances, places, desires... whatever I feel led to focus on during that time.

Multi-colored fine point pens

I write a lot in my Bible, like a lot, a lot. Sometimes the Lord speaks to me as much through previous readings and notes as the current reading. I realized in my teen years that I was treating my Bible as a precious historical artifact that had to be daintly handled when, in reality, it is a textbook for surviving and thriving in this life. I firmly belief in marking up my study material for school so why not do that for life? It changed the way I approach God's Word.

Multi-colored highlighters

My reasoning is the same as above. I like to have a bunch of colors and options so I can differentiate themes, readings, etc. If you’ve never used gel highlighters, they’re great for not bleeding through those thin Bible pages and erasable highlighters are perfect for those recovering perfectionists, like me.

Transparent sticky notes

I didn’t know these were things until a few months ago. They allow me to emphasize or write notes that might be too much for the actual page or on a page that already has too much writing. They are fantastic!


These are part of a lot of study styles but I use them for a variety of things. I mark my current study spot, favorite writings, life verses and more.

Whatever your study style, I hope you start this year diving into the Word and that you look forward to all the Father wants to speak into your life in the coming months.


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