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Our Secrets Keep Us Sick

“Our secrets keep us sick.” This is a statement I heard a lovely woman make at a recent Women’s Event at my church. She was telling her story about addiction and recovery and this just hit me with so much truth that I wrote it on my desk the next day. While I’ve never struggled with addiction, I have struggled with other secrets that have made me sick… physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

We live in a world of perfect posts and fake tans. Pride is rewarded and failure is treated as inexcusable. No wonder we all have so many secrets! Here’s the thing I realized as this woman told her story, often we hide from the people and places we know will bring truth. Why haven’t you told your closest friends about the new guy you’ve been talking to? Is it because you know they’ll be honest about the red flags you’ve been trying to ignore? Why are you suddenly too busy to join your family for Sunday dinners? Could it be that you’ve developed some unhealthy habits around food that they will recognize? Have you been avoiding your small group because you are feeling distant from God and you don’t want to admit it yet?

I have a friend who always jokes that she doesn’t call her dad when she wants to whine and complain because she knows he will give her good logical advice. I’ve had similar issues where I’ve not discussed a problem or need with my tribe because I knew they’d tell me what I truthfully didn’t want to hear. Sometimes, I’ve tried to hide my weaknesses or needs because I felt shame associated with them and yet, clearly I couldn’t do it on my own. I need trusted people “in” on my secrets. I need good and godly friends who will hold me accountable or point out the stuff I can’t always see. 

So as we begin our 2024 journey maybe there are secrets that need to be brought into the light. You don’t have to tell everyone but I bet there’s someone that you can talk to… a friend, pastor, doctor, financial advisor, nutritionist or mental health expert. Turns out we don’t have to have it all together, all the time and help is available if we will only be honest. 


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