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Questions: A Life Lesson from Gideon

Reading: Judges 6:11-24

I think Gideon and I would have gotten on well. See, there are so many examples of wonderful people in the Bible receiving a message from the Lord and immediately obeying or trusting Him and that is good and wise but Gideon’s response to the angel is more along my lines of thinking. My man, Gideon, had some questions and can you blame him? I can’t help but chuckle to myself every time I read, “Pardon me, my lord…” because I get it. The angel was saying some pretty wild sounding stuff.

First, Gideon was confused by the promise that the Lord was with them when it clearly didn’t feel that way. Have you ever felt like that? Then, he was confused on how he was supposed to save Israel from this powerful nation when he was the lowliest of the low. He wasn’t denying what the angel said, he just didn’t understand how it was going to happen.

Have you ever had the Lord instruct you to do something that seemed bonkers? Like, you know you must have heard Him wrong because surely that couldn’t be correct? I am currently walking through a season like that and let me tell you, I’ve asked the Father a lot of questions. Not in doubt of His plan but in uncertainty of my understanding. I know my emotions can lead me astray and I want to be in the midst of His will for my life so I constantly ask for wisdom, discernment and direction. The Lord tells us to ask for wisdom so why would you think He would chastise any of your questions?

Gideon wanted to make for certain that he was hearing from the Lord so he also asked for a sign. Is this wrong? I think it depends on our motives and methods. I’ve seen people make demands of a sign from God like a child might demand a snack or a later bedtime. I’ve seen people tell God what specific sign they want. You know the old, “Lord, if this is Your will for my life then have my phone ring right now.”, knowing good and full well they would have passed out if it did ring. I’ve always wondered if that was them trying to get out of doing what the Father was instructing them to do.

If you notice, Gideon politely asks for a sign IF he has found favor. He does not demand one. He also doesn’t know what this sign will be but he trusts that he will recognize it which he does. So, you might be wondering, have I ever asked God for a sign? Yes, yes and yes! Has God ever burned my gyro to a crisp while waiting for a sign like he did with Gideon? No, but He gives clear signs every day… IF you are willing to listen.

We’ve become a generation of skeptics and entertainment chasers so we ignore God when He doesn’t rain down fire but come up with excuses when He does. Let me tell you where I have seen what I call God winks…

Friends who call with the advice you need at just the right moment. Sermons that speak right into your hardship. Billboards that remind you of the truth you are struggling to grasp. Songs that speak to the soul of your fears. And just like with any relationship, the more time you spend with your Father, the easier it is to recognize His voice. Gideon got his sign and with it came peace, in spite of the unknown and fears. The same can be true for us so if you have some questions about life, your purpose and more, why don’t you sit down with Your Father and have a chat?

Today’s Prayer

Lord, thank you for hearing my questions and showing

compassion on me for the times I’m so unsure. Please open my eyes and heart to all the ways You “wink” at me in my daily life. I’m sorry for the times I’ve missed messages meant just for me.

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