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ReVisited: Ask Him Again!

I wrote this musing back in 2019 and while a lot has changed since then I can honestly say that my opinion on this topic hasn’t changed, however, my appreciation and testimony in this area has definitely grown! In my original writing, I had come to the realization that I was allowing my prayer life to be filtered through a lens of frustration and impatience. I was learning to bring everything to the Lord at all moments and as often as necessary because He is our good Father who wants to hear from us no matter what but at that time I was “new” to the process. So, how has it gone?

I’m now perfectly comfortable being a broken record in my prayer time. I realized that I have no issue rehashing the same problem 50 million times with my best friend but I felt I was bothering God so now I just lay what’s on my heart out any time I desire and it’s been amazing. Have my circumstances magically changed? No. Am I now a wonderfully patient person? I wish! Have I seen changes in my contentment and peace? YES! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, KEEP asking. That’s the actual translation of the verse in Matthew. Asking is an active word in the translation for a reason. The Lord knows how our hearts and emotions function so keep asking.

Finally, I mentioned earlier that my testimony in this area has changed and boy, is that true. I’ve seen God show up and show out in ways that I couldn’t imagine because I waited, sometimes begrudgingly, on His timing. Some answers are just starting to form but I can honestly say, as much as I hated waiting, I get it. I can see the steps that got me to where I am now and I understand why the Lord wasn’t rushed and why even now when I seem to be on the cusp of so many blessings, He isn’t barreling through. His way is perfect and that includes His timing. While I knew that cognitively in 2019, I have faith moments now that I can point to while doing a little happy dance because there… there it is with all the amazing goodness that my Heavenly Father could offer. So, yeah, keep asking!

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