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Stop Being Brave…

“Stop being brave!” my best friend, uttered in exasperation and absolute concern. If I’m honest, my feathers were ruffled right away. What did she mean, “Stop being brave”? Didn’t she understand that we were called to be brave? In fact, I was currently doing a bible study entitled “Brave” so obviously, being brave was expected. However, about the third time I heard this phrase spoken by those that loved me concerning my struggle, I started to wonder if maybe I had misunderstood what it meant to be brave. In the moments since then I have come to realize that we have been lied to about bravery and the bravery required of the modern woman, especially.

See, for a long time, I’ve been willing myself to be brave by the world’s standards and feeling like an absolute failure. What are the world’s standards for bravery? No emotions, self-sufficient, you never need help or show weakness and you certainly don’t admit when you feel incapable. You slap on your determined face, buck up and attack your problem head on without assistance from anyone because you are an independent modern woman.

Here’s the thing… that’s not true and it’s certainly not Biblical. We aren’t called to do this life by ourselves and we surely aren’t called to step out in foolishness just for the sake of looking like we have it together. What I realized is my desire to handle this situation by myself was extremely foolish and rooted in pride which is a sin. Here’s the bravery the Lord has called us to as women. We are to be brave in our testimony, our honesty, our vulnerability. We are called to be brave when stepping out into His known and our unknown. We are called to bravely hold those we love accountable and bravely accept the same in return. We are to bravely ask for help whether that is with a weakness, fear, struggle or attack.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 reminds us of the benefit of doing life with others. Those “others” may change as your life seasons change but they are oh so crucial. Sisters, friends, spouses, ministers, mentors, coworkers and more are meant to be your lifeline for those tough moments of life. They can be the very mouthpiece of God with wisdom, encouragement, hope and more. In turn, you can be that for us. So, my dear sweet lovely friend… Stop being brave!


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