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Happy (Belated) Teacher Appreciation Week!

I know I’m a week or so behind but in honor of Teacher Appreciation week and the end of the year, here are my teaching stats:

🍎How many years have you taught?

I’ve been a certified teacher for 8 years but I taught a non-certified class for a year and did long term subbing for another year.

🍎How many schools have you taught in?

I’ve only ever worked in Lamar County and have only ever taught certified at Oak Grove High School.

🍎Which subjects have you taught?

  • Marketing Management Technology I

  • Marketing Management Technology II

  • International Business

  • Marketing Essentials

  • Sales and Distribution

🍎What grades have you taught?

I’ve taught 9th-12th grade mixed.

🍎How many classrooms have you been in?

Only one!

🍎How many Principals have you worked under?

Two…one of which was my principal in high school.

🍎How many Assistant Principals have you taught under?

Six…some of which were also my principals in high school.

🍎Which states have you worked in?

I’ve only worked in Mississippi.

🍎What certifications do you have?

  • Social Studies 7-12

  • Business Education

  • Marketing Education

  • Elementary Education 4-7

  • Business Management

  • IC3

I can't believe I've been in education for ten years! My first year teaching felt like it would never end. Congrats to all my teacher friends on almost surviving another year and a special congratulations to my MOTHER who is finally "graduating"! Your love and compassion for these kids has been unmatched by many and I know your crown in heaven will be very bright!

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