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"Converse"ations with Meg

This is my favorite room, my get-a-way room. I come in and exercise with my classes, my core groups of ladies who are like minded and all headed for different fitness goals. It is a place of hard work, but a place full of encouragement, laughter, and excitement! Everyone needs a get-a-way, a place to escape for just a little bit each day. I’m going to be honest, the start of this school year has not been great for me, I had stuff dumped on me (yet again), one of my favorite principals moved to another school, and everyday seems to be something else thrown at me. I have really been in a funk, crying when I get home and just trying to fake it at school. It will get better, it’s already getting better, I’m just so thankful that I always have this place, the escape of exercise that keeps me sane and makes me accomplished and strong! Some people escape to the bed with a book, some people to the couch with Doritos (that’s ok sometimes too), but my escape, my happy place, it’s right here in this room.️

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