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31 October Moments (PART 1)

This is what I imagine "real autumn" looks like outside of South Mississippi.

What is your favorite scary and/or Halloween movie?

If you’ve spent more than a few minutes around me you probably know that I HATE scary stuff. Actually, I hate fake scary stuff. I would love to tour an abandoned mental asylum from the Victorian age but I cannot stand to watch a scary movie. I don’t like things jumping out at me so pretty much no amount of festivities is going to make me want to watch it. I do have a handful of Halloween TV episodes I show my kids with a lesson we do around that time because they are minimally spooky and I know they can’t kill off the main characters. My favorite one is the “Too Old to Trick or Treat, Too Young to Die” episode of That 70s Show because it was cleverly written to include so many pop culture references, mainly Hitchcock. Very clever.

Oct. 2nd is "Name Your Car Day". Does your car have a name?

I had this discussion recently with a guy and apparently men will name planes and boats but not cars. Every girl friend I have ever had has named their car. We also affectionately refer to the cars like that in conversation. “Let’s take Babette.” I’ve only had two cars in my life and both have unintentionally had Harry Potter related names. My current car is Andromeda (Andee). She is named for the character in HP who is a Slytherin but very much on the side of justice which I love. My high school car was a Pontiac Firebird named Fawkes, after Dumbledore’s phoenix… quite literally a fire bird.

What is your favorite fall scent?

Any and all but my go to is Bath and Body Works “Sweater Weather”. Smells like a good looking man. Ha! Check out my full explanation of that fun story here.

October 4th National Taco Day

Tacos might be a perfect food. I’ve never not been in the mood for tacos and I have found a new favorite option in Chorizo tacos which several local restaurants do amazingly. They are so simple, typically only containing the meat and onions with cilantro. I remove the cilantro because, yes, I am one of those “cilantro tastes like soap” people.

What’s your biggest fear?

Being trapped in a car (or any other container) under water. Yes, I have one of those car escape tools. Yes, I would panic and it would do me no good.

Favorite Fall pastime.

The traditional fall pastimes of pumpkin patches, corn mazes and apple orchards aren’t nearly as exciting in the 100 degree Mississippi heat. My favorite things to do that make me feel like it’s finally fall revolves around food and clothing. Pulling out my boots and scarves (even in the heat) and purchasing all of the caramel and pumpkin spice stuff.

2023 is almost here! Did you accomplish your goals for 2022?

Yes, and no but I still have time. This year I had six resolutions and I have without a doubt been successful in three. We’ll see by December how the rest shakes out but I can say I don’t feel a pressure to rush and “complete” these resolutions which is a big growth point for me.

Do your Fall days differ from Summer days?

I wake up happier. I notice more small joys in my mornings. I feel like it is easier to get dressed because I’m not as concerned with the heat and rain. My evenings feel cozier and truthfully, my free time is more filled with events and adventures during the fall and holidays.

This or That Halloween Edition?

Do you attend Halloween parties?

I’ve not been to a Halloween party since my sorority's annual Kostume Karaoke but I love any reason to dress up.

Do you dress up for Halloween, or is that kids stuff?

I love a theme. You give me some direction and I’ll dress up for anything. I think more holidays should have costumes built in and I’m definitely glad that Christmas has turned to ugly sweaters. It’s just fun to be creative and see people's personalities.

Do you remember your first Halloween costume?

I don’t remember my first costume but I’m almost certain it was one of those “ear and tail sets” that you just added to a sweatsuit in the 90s because I did lots of those as a kid. Tiger, cat, bunny, etc. The first costume I remember specifically choosing was not for Halloween but was just for dressing up when I was around 4 or 5. It was a bridal set with a lace skirt and veil, I know you’re surprised, and the first Halloween costume I remember specifically choosing was made with these pieces. What was this fabulous costume? Miss America, of course! This was for our Kindergarten Halloween day and I remember wearing my fancy skirt, a tiara and carrying a scepter which was a baton wrapped in tin foil. I was fabulous!

Are you superstitious?

No, except during baseball season. Baseball juju is real. Ha! Wear the lucky socks, only eat Skittles, say the same prayer before every game. It’s so funny how these traditions start.

Handing out candy…Yay or nay?

Yes, all the cute kiddos in all the cute costumes with some personal snacking candy as well.

October 14th: World Students Day: A Reflection

As a teacher some of my favorite moments come from the daily interactions with my students. Yes, the big growth moments are important but it’s the silly ones that keep me on my toes and returning to my desk every day. Here’s a post I did ages ago on why I love teaching and my thoughts haven’t changed.

Do you have a Fall "must-have" list?

Scarves, plaid, boots, chili, soups, chai lattes, pumpkin everything


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