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5 Reasons I Love Fall

Fall is my favorite time of year! From the clothes to the food to the smells… all of it makes me so very happy. I also happen to live in an area that feels like Satan’s sauna for most of the year so the idea that cooler weather may be around the corner is pretty exciting! So, here are just five of my favorite things about this season…

Delicious foods are everywhere.

Fall and winter foods are the best in my humble opinion. Caramel apples, stews, chilis, cornbread, hot cocoa, casseroles and more. It’s all the comforting and filling foods that bring back great memories and make your heart warm. Everything smells delicious and looks inviting. Also, from a purely practical standpoint, fall foods are easy to do. Throw anything in a slow cooker and it’s going to be great and so easy. What’s not to love?

Fashion is better.

I love the colors and accessories that roll out during the fall. Plaid, check, scarves, boots. It’s so much easier to look pulled together and fashionable which is the exact opposite of summer fashion. Jeans with a cute sweater, scarf and boots looks like you are so fashionable. Jeans with a tank top and flip flops looks like you’re headed to the grocery store. I love fashion but I also love ease and let’s be honest… you can hide your wobbly bits better with a sweater.

Everything is beautiful.

The aesthetic of fall is unmatched. The colors of the leaves. The haze of the sunset. The pumpkins that can be found on every porch and the plaid on the Thanksgiving table. Everything is just lovely. Much like the holidays I like that everyone seems okay with decorating on theme. It’s like one big themed party and you know how much I love those. It’s just pretty and sometimes that can make your heart dance.

Everything smells lovely.

This may seem like a strange thing to love about a season but let me explain. I get headaches from a lot of different scents but the good Lord saw fit that fall and holiday scents should not be among them. This means that I buy in bulk at Bath and Body Works during the fall and winter months. Like, seriously! My house smells like caramel apples, sweater weather, fall leaves, Christmas trees and the like, even in July. Not only does the popularity of these aromas mean everything smells lovely during this time, it also means I don’t have to dodge certain stores or leave a party early because the hostess is burning her tiki beach water candle. It’s weird but true.

The holidays are coming.

Finally, and most importantly, fall means the holidays are coming. My favorite time of the year is from October 1st to January 2nd. Lights twinkle, candles glow, people are nicer, everything is decorated, Bing Crosby is cool again. I love the holidays more than crowns and that is saying something! Fall is just the warm up to all the festivities plus you can start listening to holiday music without too many crazy stares… unlike when I do it in July. Truly fall is just wonderful and you will find me happily basking in it for the next few months!



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