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5 Reasons I Love My Brother

I still remember standing in my grandmother’s kitchen on the phone listening to my parents tell me I had a baby brother. I have a hard time remembering a life before he and all his personality rocked our world. We are about as different as possible but I couldn’t love him more and as adults, I have come to truly appreciate him as a friend. So, in honor of his birthday, here are five reasons I love my brother.

He’s up for anything.

Do you need someone to join you on a slightly questionable adventure? Dylan’s your guy. Got a large piece of furniture you need moved at midnight? Call Dylan. Did you get a ticket that you now need to try to fix before your parents find out? Yep, Dylan! He even put up with me making him have themed parties during the summer when we stayed home alone as kids!

He always protects me.

He may be my baby brother but he has always been protective. We’ve had many hilarious conversations over the years that can be summarized by “Just let him know that if he breaks your heart, I’ll break his neck.” I haven’t taken him up on that offer yet, but I’ve considered it.

Seeing him as a father is fantastic.

I knew that I would adore having a nephew. I knew that my heart would burst with joy seeing that little boy run about but I couldn’t have prepared myself for how much joy I get watching my brother be a daddy. He has taken to fatherhood stupendously but he had a great example, so I’m not surprised.

He has an incredible work ethic and determination.

I’m hard headed but Dylan makes me look like a pushover. He works harder than most people I know and doesn’t do anything by halves. This was true growing up with athletics but now as a firefighter, I have seen his work ethic shine even more. He believes in doing right by his family, friends, coworkers and those he can help. It makes me so proud.

He can be the silliest, craziest person I know.

Dylan is ultimately a goofball and has a great sense of humor. He and I are no longer allowed to sit by each other at funerals because we laugh. He’s one to tell a fantastically funny story and I love getting texts from him because they are always something that makes me giggle. I was lucky to grow up in a house filled with laughter and that is definitely something he has carried on to his own home.


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