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Bailey Tries…An Apple Watch and Step Bet

I know what you are thinking. “Wow, Bailey, trying a new and hip, completely relevant, seven year old Apple watch. You must be a tech queen!” Hear me out… I’ve not worn a watch since high school because my “skin eats metal” or actually, the oils in my skin are clearly out of whack which made getting a very expensive device that would possibly be devoured seem silly. Plus, I wasn’t even sure I was capable of wearing a watch full time now. Even bracelets become a fidget toy after a few minutes. So why the change?

My best friend lovingly gave me her old watch while encouraging me to participate in a tiny little thing called a step bet which we were doing through our place of employment. The concept is really cool because you are only competing against yourself with your steps based on your own ability. She’s a running, walking, exercise queen so her steps are like double mine but we can still do it together. It also makes you very cognizant of how sedentary you are on some days. I’m a list maker so having something to check off that is doable and specific but still healthy is pretty awesome. I’ve never considered myself a competitive person but apparently I am when I’m against myself and an inanimate object. If this sounds like something you’d like you can find a variety of companies that have apps that do similar things. I like that it isn’t focused on weight goals which are so often influenced by things outside of your control but rather creates healthy movement that is doable for absolutely anyone. All you need is a smart phone and a way to track your steps, thus the Apple Watch.

So far getting used to the watch has been a bit of a struggle because I find it aggravating to wear but I enjoy the convenience of the tech that I can figure out. I feel like my grandmother trying to learn to operate a cellphone and waiting for a dial tone every time I place a call. I can only imagine all the magic the newest versions can achieve but I’m quite happy for the moment with my precious hand-me-down. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to take a lap.

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