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Self-care Fall Bucket List

Paint Pumpkins

I never enjoyed carving pumpkins myself because I would get sticky and I couldn’t make the perfect design I wanted with a knife though I always enjoyed watching my dad be artistic so I decided to make a small pumpkin for a centerpiece but not try for anything fancy and of course, I added glitter because glitter makes the world better.

Add something to your fall wardrobe

I love scarves because you can throw them over something simple and look like a Pinterest board but I also have more scarves than I could possible wear so naturally I bought another scarf. Plaid and leopard are my go to scarf options and this Target option was so cheap and adorable that I felt compelled. I’ve also been in a very “autumnal” mood and couldn’t help myself.

Make soup

In my top three reasons for loving the fall, soup is number three. Soup is such a comforting food and so adaptable. Add to this the fact that it can be incredibly easy and cheap and I’m in love. I make soup ALL the time during the colder months and sometimes in the summer just for fun!

Enjoy a morning outside/ Fall nature walk

My parents live in a very beautiful neighborhood that is very wooded and has walking trails throughout. I love wandering these trails when the cool weather hits and hearing the crunch of leaves and the animals scurrying about. I also like to think of it as facing potential fears because more than once I have walked head first into a spider web and had an out of body experience. For some reason, I love the woods the best in autumn. I also had the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Tennessee and the Duck River during my stay for the Mrs. Mississippi pageant. I love Mississippi and our evergreens but Tennessee in the fall is spectacular!

Bake goodies for someone/APPLES!

I love that for the brief period of October through December people seem to fall back on traditional values and relationships. We feel a draw to sit around a fire with loved ones, we bake cookies for the neighbor, we give to charity. Our hearts just seem to be more open which is why I adore the holidays. I chose to bake goodies for some very loving and hardworking women I know. I made Pumpkin Spice Crinkles and Chocolate Coffee Crinkles.

I love apples of all kinds and apple pie is one of my favorites but in September I tried to be autumnal in my apple consumption with apple cider… NOT. A. FAN! You can read my full opinion in the post for September’s bucket list.

Cozy spa day/Unplug for a day/Write a letter to release emotions.

I did a post on why I love writing letters to release emotions back in October and I still encourage you to try it. It was nice to set my phone aside and think through some emotions I’ve been concerned with even if the conclusion wasn’t well…very conclusive.


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