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Hey Y'all: The Wrap-Up (December 2023)

Welcome back, y'all!

We hope you've had an awesome holiday season and are looking forward to all 2024 will have in store! The Hey Y'all crew has some pretty exciting stuff on the horizon so we hope you'll join us for Season 3 and Season 4 as we explore life together, change and all the suprise the Father has for us because if last year was any measure, the Lord likes to shake things up a bit.

If you've been around long you'll notice this is a new format for Hey Y'all: The Wrap-Up. We are hoping this will make it more efficient and effective for us and y'all. We still plan on including pictures, recipes, product reviews, and resources. This new format will allow for more of that which we're excited about.

Finally, the blog, "Converse and Crowns" will cut back to two posts a month to make keeping up with all things C&C and HY possible. Check out the upcoming episode on our words for 2024 and you'll hear even more.

Finally, if you haven't checked out our last two episodes of 2023, you can do it at the tab above. We discussed the first ever Hey Y'all: The Roadtrip and we did a reflection on 2023 which really sets the stage for what this year will hold. See you there!


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