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Life Lessons: Unexpected Resources

Reading: Joshua 2

Sometimes the methods God uses in our lives to bring about change, answer prayers or give joy don’t show up as we expect and truthfully, as we would hope. Because the Lord is all knowing, He sees beyond our finite understanding to a place where His mighty plan could rest on the integrity and faith of a prostitute. Think about that!

Let’s be honest, Rahab was probably not the person the Israelites would have chosen as their partner in a mission for the Lord. When they drew up their plan to scout out the Promised Land, it is unlikely that step four was “Seek out a woman of ill repute who could ruin your reputation.” Yet, the Lord saw beyond Rahab’s present to the future He knew she would have and one that I still marvel at. This future can be found in Matthew 1:5 where she is listed in the lineage of Christ.

The woman many would have deemed not worthy of the Promised Land was chosen to be a part of the Promised One and that should set your feet to dancing. If Rahab was seen as precious in the Lord’s sight, why not you?

Now, the other question that comes to mind when I read this passage is “What would my attitude towards Rahab have been” if I were in this situation? How often have you not liked the way the Lord moved in your life or the people He chose to bless… in spite of your opinion, that was clearly correct. I know that I have missed opportunities and resources from the Father because they didn’t look “holy enough” or “powerful enough” to be appropriate for my situation so I just pushed them aside. What if the spies had done the same? Do you remember why the Israelites wandered in the wilderness for 40 years? This spy moment was the second chance… the do-over, so what if they had recoiled from working with Rahab? Yeah, I don’t like to think about it either because I know I’ve messed up many of my do-overs from not learning from the first mess up.

So, the next time you are faced with a need, answer or wisdom from the Father, don’t be so quick to dismiss what doesn’t seem like the “holy” answer. Rather, ask the Father for wisdom and discernment in all areas of your life and move when He prompts. Who knows what future you may be a part of with a simple action of trust…

Today’s Prayer

Lord, I’m sorry for the times I think I know what Your response would or should look like and I’m sorry for the times I’ve ignored Your answers. Please give me clarity for the answers I’m seeking and the wisdom to know when to act. Thank you for do-overs.


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